Homemade Clay Facial Mask Beauty Treatment


An essential beauty treatment, the green clay mask is present in all bathrooms. As effective on the skin as it is on the hair, clay is a natural ingredient with multiple properties and is a precious ally for oily skin with imperfections. I offer you here a recipe for a natural turmeric clay mask to gently purify and hydrate the skin.

Superfine green clay powder

What color of clay to choose?

Clay is a natural material widely used to purify all skin types. I had already spoken about it here , but many types of clays exist, and we generally recommend a clay color by type of epidermis:

Pink clay : recognized for its emollient properties and recommended for sensitive skin to refine the skin texture over time.

White clay : Neutral, ideal for all skin types, including mature. We recommend it to add shine.

Green clay : The best known, it is rich in minerals, and is especially recommended for oily skin. It absorbs liquids and therefore excess sebum, purifies and rebalances the skin.

Red clay : Rich in ferric oxides, it brings shine and leaves a slight tanned effect (natural tan).

Yellow clay : Rather similar to green clay, yellow clay is especially recommended for purifying, exfoliating and purifying the epidermis. Ideal for combination or oily skin. Thanks to its color, it also brings shine on an ad hoc basis.

Ghassoul or rhassoul : fine and delicate texture, it purifies the skin more gently than other clays.

Where to buy clay powder?

You can buy your clay:

in organic stores in the beauty department (cattier, centifolia brands, etc.)

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on amazon (lots of choice and great prices)

on CDiscount

on the Mademoiselle Bio e-shop

on the NUOO e-shop

on the 1001 pharmacies website

on the MOSO boutique e-shop

The benefits of a green clay mask

As said above, green clay is the most recommended combination for oily skin. Not only does it absorb excess sebum, but in addition it has a detox effect to remove toxins from the epidermis . Used regularly, clay also helps tighten skin pores .

It is therefore an essential natural ingredient, which is also present in many homemade cosmetic recipes . It is advisable to make a clay mask at least once a week for combination or oily skin. To fight acne, the clay can also be applied topically to the acne pimples if you don’t want to make a mask all over your face. The anti-imperfection effect of clay is quite effective against pimples and blackheads of acne because we benefit from the purifying and soothing side of clay.

Homemade clay and honey face mask recipe

I offer you a natural recipe that I make from time to time to purify the skin and tighten the pores. The amount of clay is limited which avoids its potential drying side effect if it is used pure and left to dry on the skin. I add yeast to it for its astringent effect to close the pores in the T zone 😉.

Superfine green clay powder

Superfine green clay powder


25g of baking powder

1 tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon of green clay

1 half plain yogurt


Let the yeast swell in a little hot water for 30min in a warm place.

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When it is swollen, add the honey, clay and yogurt and mix until you get a smooth texture.

Mix well and apply the mask to your face, avoiding the eye area.

Leave on for about 10min.

Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Tip : after rinsing, you can pass a cotton ball soaked in rose water or another astringent hydrosol over your face to tighten the pores and have a perfect skin effect. Then apply a moisturizer or vegetable oil such as jojoba oil.

Thanks to honey and yogurt, this mask is very gentle on the skin. The active principle of green clay thus makes it possible to purify combination, oily or blemish-prone skin, without attacking or dehydrating them.

Other green clay face mask recipes

Here, I presented you an “evolved” recipe, with several active ingredients, but a mask with green clay mixed with a little water is also effective! The advantage of creating your face masks at home is that you can adapt them perfectly to your skin type depending on the ingredients you have on hand. For example, you can mix or add:

of plant hydrosols to replace the aqueous phase

a drop of organic essential oil of peppermint or tea tree to purify the skin (no more than one drop per mask, and we mix well!)

of aloe vera gel to hydrate and soothe

The list is long and the possibilities endless… the best is to try and see what works best for our skin. In general, I stick to recipes that are easy to make with few ingredients so as not to complicate my life too much 🙂.

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What about the clay masks on the market?

Many organic brands offer ready-made clay masks, among them, I recommend in particular:

Propolia and its honey and propolis clay mask

Cattier and his many clay masks

Argiletz , another reference for pure clay masks

Marilou Bio , if you are looking for low prices and organic


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