How Do You Become a Firefighter in Australia?


For some, heroes mean movie characters or celebrities. Some make athletes and racing champions their idols. But, some understand that the real heroes wear the uniform and go out to risk their lives every day.

One of those heroes is firefighters, who rush to the spot within minutes of an incident to rescue everyone from the fire. People in Australia voluntarily join the fire and rescue efforts when bushfires and large areas are under threat. 

In Australia, the fire and rescue recruitment process happen at least once a year, and many young enthusiasts who want to join the prestigious profession sign up for it.

So, those who need an idea about the procedures involved and requirements in physical fitness for joining the fire and rescue department, read on.

There are a few qualifications and eligibility criteria for being a firefighter in Australia, but the main focus will be on the physical tests and capabilities.

The candidates need to go under the Shuttle Run and Physical Aptitude Test (PAT) before joining the department.

How to Prepare?

You need to check your health before commencing these tests. Your age, health, current fitness level and lifestyle does matter in this profession. Be fit and healthy before you register for the recruitment process. Check the guidelines, rules, eligibility and qualifications before signing up.

Why Do You Need This Much Fitness?

The next question is, what is the reason for this much fitness and health for this job? If you have seen the firefighter in action, you should know the situation in which they work.

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The harsh conditions they go through in a rescue mission is beyond the capacity of an average person. 

Common actions they do in their job:

  • Carrying heavy weight equipment upstairs.
  • Dealing with heavy occupational tools.
  • Dragging the hoses.
  • Search and rescue activities.
  • Lifting and climbing the ladder frequently.

And they do all these activities while wearing 23kg protective gear all the time.

The physical tests can be exhaustive and problematic in case you have any physical conditions or abnormalities. So, you need to check a few things before signing up for the PAT and Shuttle Run tests.

Checklist before commencing Shuttle Run & PAT:

  • Are you new to regular exercise and physical activities?
  • Do you feel dizzy or faint during physical activities?
  • Do you experience chest pain and shortness of breath during physical activities?
  • Do you have a medical condition?

Fitness Test

After you sign up, you will be required to do the Shuttle Run and take the Physical Aptitude Test (PAT). And you must be aware that it will be the ultimate test in the fire and rescue recruitment process. If you pass this, there will be a few formalities before you join the department. 

Be prepared for these tests, as this will be the turning point in your career. One can consult and get guidance from people with experience in the field or ex-firefighter running an academy where they train and teach for fire and rescue tests and interviews.


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