There was a time when gaming was just a part of entertainment for us. It was supposed to provide us with some tranquility, peace, and me-time after going through a rigorous day. 

However, since then, the industry has evolved pretty massively. 

For instance, now, the gaming segment is focusing on improving the mental health of people through gaming. It has previously attempted to integrate education through the same too. 

But, can it team people up and prompt them to save the world’s greenery? 

In our opinion, yes, the gaming segment can be quite successful in this regard as well. We have mentioned the reasons behind our beliefs throughout this article. 

So, make sure to keep reading till the end! 

3 Ways Gamers Can Save Our Planet 

Games, if used and approached as a transformative tool, can empower millions of people to contribute to an urgently-needed solution. The same goes for saving the world’s greenery too. 

However, the function should be added in the earliest version of the game. This way, people who’re downloading it from

Anyways, getting back to the topic, here’s how the gaming industry can help save our planet and the greenery efficiently. 

Way – 1: Nudging Environment Action And Awareness 

Combining the fun of playing a game and being aware of our environment is, indeed, possible, especially if the basics are correct. 

For instance, Pokemon Go, an AR-based game, provided luscious in-game results when its players had participated in the “Earth Day Cleanups” event.

Conversely, RuneScape, an MMORPG title, gave an in-game pet to people who passed the “Rhino-conservation” quiz with flying colors.

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Another option? 

As a game developer, you could also instill a system in your program, which will tell players to switch off their consoles. This way, saving loads of energy will be very much possible. 

Way – 2: Raising Money For Global Issues 

In 2019, Space Ape raised around USD 150,000 to help people in Australia deal with the abstract wildfire. It assisted many families in taking care of their cause and surviving the tragic incident efficiently. 

Another example of the same could be Apple donating money to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) from reselling their apps in the Apple Store.

Aside from this, free media space or in-app purchases can also raise money to help people cope with environment-related causes.

Way – 3: Fighting Against E-Waste 

Buying physical, packaged games can be a little wasteful if we are considering the health of our environment. For instance, it can promote the wastage of papers. 

However, this issue can be countered by introducing the segment of digital downloads. In this aspect, you can purchase and download a game directly from a platform and start playing without having to wait for a package or anything else. 

The Steam and Epic Games store has already implemented this method in their system. Hopefully, the same can be seen for the rest of the gaming stores as well. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

Previously, we talked about how gaming can help save the world’s greenery. Now, at this juncture, we will try to answer some of the questions that may come to your mind. 

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So, let’s get started! 

How Does Gaming Impact The Environment? 

Every digital game can contribute to the change in the climate. For example, most titles these days are generally played online. It, in turn, requires loads of data usage, leading to “internet pollution.” Indulging more in offline gaming can be beneficial in this regard. 

What Are The Social Benefits Of Playing A Game? 

While playing games, you can improve your – 

  • Social connection. 
  • Visual-spatial skills. 
  • Reading and problem-solving capability. 
  • Creativity and imaginative play. 
  • Cognitive abilities. 

Aside from this, you can also become an efficient multi-tasker by playing a game, especially the story-based, role-playing ones.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to bringing social change, gaming can lead to various positive possibilities. However, to make it a success, both the developer and the players have to take the initiative positively. They must ensure that both are working in the correct sync and route. Otherwise, the strategies will not work out in any way. 

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