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The simple answer is that carpet cleaning will take anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 days. Based on the size of the place to be cleaned, its state, and any obstacles in the cleaner’s way (desks and chairs for example). In addition, at the Carpet Cleaning Newcastle, the carpet is allowed to dry, which must be factored into the service period.

Here’s The Long Version Of The Answer

There are many variables that can affect how long it takes to clean a carpet and how long it takes for the carpet to dry afterward.

  1. Size of area to be cleaned:- For tiny spaces (bedrooms, hallways), the general rule is 20 minutes per room, and for big spaces, the general rule is 30 minutes per room (master bedrooms, living rooms, etc.). However, this is merely a guideline and should not be relied upon. If the carpet is heavily soiled, stained, or hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, several runs on the same areas would be needed, extending the carpet cleaning time. Furthermore, each pass of the carpet cleaning wand lengthens the drying time.
  1. The condition of the carpets:- As previously stated, heavy soiling, a lot of grease, or only a few difficult-to-remove stains will take a long time to clean. A more soiled carpet, in general, would necessitate a more rigorous approach which could include pre-spray and possibly agitation with a special system. This can add another 10-20 minutes per bed, not counting the time it takes to set up, which may be a few minutes.
  1. What the carpet is made of:- Natural fibers take longer to dry and need a unique procedure than synthetic fibers. Natural fibers are more delicate than synthetic fibers. Furthermore, unlike other synthetic fabrics, they do not repel stains and grease. Natural fibers, such as wool, need a more rigorous maintenance regimen and more regular washing to maintain their appearance.
  1. Additional solutions applied:- Extra measures to carpet cleaning can be needed to vary by state of your carpets and your needs, such as a pre-spray while cleaning or the application of protection after cleaning. Each of these steps adds to the amount of fluid applied to the carpet, as well as the amount of moisture that must be dried. These measures will add up to half an hour to the carpet cleaning time and two hours or more to the drying time.
  1. Weather conditions:- The period it takes to clean a carpet isn’t greatly influenced by the weather. Climate conditions, on the other hand, have a major impact on drying time. The carpet is cleaned from the inside. There is no way to air out space and let fresh air in when the weather is cold, snowy, or even very humid. Since proper ventilation makes carpets dry faster, poor ventilation can significantly lengthen drying times. If the home is very cold with minimal to no air movement, drying times can even double.
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Conclusion:- Researchers recommend setting aside 1.5-2 hours for the washing consultation and 6-8 hours for carpet drying. If you have the choice, schedule your carpet cleaning appointment during the warmer months Electrodry Carpet Cleaning.

The cleaning appointment is well worth your time, even though it will take a long time. All of the odors were gone, the carpets had a new look, and the house had a whole new feel to it.

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