How Much do Electric Scooters Cost to Buy?


Are you looking for a simple and straightforward answer to the price of electric scooters? You’ve come to the right place.

As someone fascinated with electric scooters, I’ve researched how much electric scooters tend to cost. Increasingly, it seems like affordability is playing a huge role for many people investing in these types of devices, and rightfully so, as different factors can affect their prices one way or another.

You can expect to pay anything between $200 – $5000 for electric scooters. The price range is wide because there are a lot of different specifications and variables that come into play. The more stylish or technologically cutting-edge they get, the higher the price tags, but don’t worry, though there are still quite a few models to choose from which won’t force you to take out a second mortgage on your house just yet!

On Budget

Electric scooters generally fall outside the “budget” category, but not all-electric scooters are created equal. A scooter that costs $800 or less is considered a budget e-scooter. Generally, the standard price for a mid-range budget e-scooter is about 500$. The average price for an adult version starts at around $800 and goes up to about $1000. Some child-friendly versions cost under $100, but as a parent, you might want to spend more because these kids’ versions tend to fall apart quickly, plus your little one won’t really be able to handle an adult model until later in life. Always remember safety first!

Here are some examples of popular budget scooters:

  • Xiaomi Mi Essential Electric Scooter $199
  • Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter $599
  • Hiboy Max 399$
  • Hover-1 Alpha $499
  • Apollo Air 2022 $999
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Medium price range

The next level is a few steps closer to Premium models, reflecting better riding experiences and higher overall quality. For example, you’ll typically see the addition of more powerful motors, dual motors (at the front and rear), better braking systems (even hydraulic disc brakes are common) that can be used off-road, and an overall increase in comfort via larger tires. These things usually add vibration to the ride, meaning they can’t be folded as compactly or easily as basic electric scooters, but they’re designed with long-haul travel in mind. However, like everything else here, there’s always a tradeoff!

  • Speedway Mini 4 Pro – $1150
  • FLJ T113 – $1200
  • NanRobot V8 – $1399
  • Turbowheel Pacer – $1499
  • Apollo City 2022 or Apollo City Pro 2022 – 1299$-$1599

Fit for a king

You will find higher-end performance scooters in the $2000-$5000 bracket. You might not be used to seeing upper-class members riding around on such items, but they tend to make suitable investments depending on the individual’s needs. Similar to a professional road bike that can cost anywhere from $1000-$10 000 depending on how it’s tailored and what features it comes with, high-end scooters that fall into this category are meant for people who live in areas with especially rugged terrain or who have a desire for speed and performance.

  • Scrooser – $3233
  • Zero 11X – $3499
  • Techlife X9 – $3550
  • Apollo Pro – $3600
  • Rion2 RE90 – $6800

Rion2 RE90 is currently the most expensive scooter in the world and it goes without saying that it is a true monster in terms of its capabilities.

As you can clearly see, there is a whole gamut of various scooters and their prices. According to the proverb “all things to all people,” everybody will find something for themselves. Before you decide on a particular scooter, it’s best to conduct some research and compare scooters first.

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