How Social Listening With NetbaseQuid Benefits Businesses

How Social Listening With NetbaseQuid Benefits Businesses

Any business understands that building a solid reputation and following on social media is essential. Your brand becomes a household name when you have achieved a high brand awareness level. However, things might become challenging. Developing a reputation for all the wrong reasons- scandals, poor service, and other issues, is the last thing you want to achieve because it can result in negative social media mentions.

Since unforeseen matters can suddenly arise and become a rocky road, it is essential to constantly track your business’ social media channels and watch out for red flags. Social listening comes in at this point.

What is Social Listening?

Social media listening is the process of observing, categorizing, and analyzing conversations across social media to assess brand sentiment, social campaign effectiveness, and supercharge content creation for target audiences. It aims to help brands that want to boost their social media marketing strategy. It enables you to establish a more advanced content strategy and increase customer engagement to grow your business. By understanding what your competitors and clients say, you can start meaningful conversations with your target audience.

Unlike social media monitoring, social media listening helps you monitor your social media presence, check your analytics, and calculate particular metrics such as engagement to determine if you have met your pre-set objectives. Therefore, it allows you to establish the forces behind social conversations and implement long-lasting strategy changes that will enable you to say the right thing when you speak.

What is the Significance of Social Listening?

Although monitoring is an essential preventative technique, it cannot beat a proactive, consistent approach. Social media listening keeps you aware of the larger picture. Instead of concentrating on individual tweets and other issues, you get a summarized view highlighting themes and trends you can employ to implement your brand strategy.

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Unlike social media monitoring that notifies you about one problem that you address immediately, social media listening enlightens you concerning the ongoing concerns. For example, you can have one issue popping up frequently on the same day or in a particular geographical location. Rather than solving it to satisfy one consumer, you can address the issue at the root and prevent it as you move forward. Besides offering solutions to problems, listening provides data that you can apply to any aspect of your business operations.

In return, this information will enable you to strategically:

• Get insights into your competitors

• Build strong relationships with your clients

• Accurately measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy

• Identify what your customers want

• Improve customer service

• Improve your brand reputation

• Increase consumer satisfaction

How Can You Use Social Listening to Solve Problems and Generate Leads?

Here are specific ways you can solve problems and generate leads by listening to your audience on social media channels:

Attract new customers– You can brainstorm for keywords that your target audience might use when searching for a product and track these words across social groups

Identify where your business community hangs out – Listening allows you to identify where your current and prospective community members hold meaningful conversations- Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc.

Get feedback on services or products– Social media listening allows you to detect potential problems early in the product’s lifecycle and address them as quickly as possible.

Drive innovation– Asking consumers what they want can lead to skewed answers, propaganda, and failed products. However, with social media listening, you listen to people’s conversations instead of asking them what they want and use the collected insights to offer what they need.

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Advantage of NetbaseQuid Social Media Listening

NetbaseQuid social listening tool enables you to monitor people’s perceptions concerning your brand in real-time. You can join the conversation and analyze how people are reacting to your comments. You can also shape perceptions by emphasizing the positive things people say to increase brand loyalty.


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