How To Adjust Rifle Scope For Windage And Distance


In order to make the most from your riflescope, you may need to have a know-how of how you can mount and adjust the rifle scope on your Ar. 

On the off chance that you are one of those persons who are extremely new to the world of shooting a scoped rifle, then there are high chances that you might be deprived of the basics of how you can adjust the rifle scope on your rifle to be able to shoot in long shooting ranges in high windage.

Or, perhaps you are a professional shooter but still couldn’t be able to make your long shots to get hit right on the target, then look no more, as we have got you covered in this regard. 

Though many of the professional shooters or shooting fanatics out there happen to consider the adjustment of their scope an easy task, however trust us, it’s easier said than done. There are some basic adjustments one should be aware of while adjusting the scope of their rifle.

With that being said, some of the basic adjustments are being described below that will surely help the shooters to adjust their scopes on their rifle considering the windage and distance of the shooting range, and would surely provide you with the profound experience.

This adjustment technique directly comes from TheRealGunGuys, hence you can now be sure that these techniques would hundred percent work for you!  

Windage Adjustments (Moving a bullet’s impact left or right)

Just like the way you adjust the elevation on the scope of your rifle, these windage adjustments are done by professional shooters so that they can shift the impact of their bullet while zeroing their scope to a rifle or while adjusting the scope of their rifle according to the environment, surrounding and condition of the shooting range. 

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But with that being said, instead of turning the turrets up and down while maintaining the elevation of the gun, by adjusting the windage turrets in your rifle scope, you would be able to adjust the impact of your bullet to either right direction or left direction.

If you are a professional shooter and have been shooting your targets at a long range, then you may be well aware of the fact that the wind significantly happens to be strong enough to move the bullet from its actual path while it’s in flight.

With that being said, the more long  distance you are shooting in, the more wind will make you bullet to get sideways from its actual path. 

What tends to be the most profound way of adjusting the scope of your rifle to make it perfect in terms of wind adjustment is to hold your gun “left or right” instead of making changes within the wind turrets of the scope.

Holding your gun left or right simply means that while hitting  at the target, you really don’t have to aim your rifle scope on the accurate target, considering the wind factor, you may have to aim your rifle at either left or right direction from the target. This way, you would simply be using the wind to do the job for you!

The reason why we are not preferring you to adjust the windage turrets present on your scope manually is because while shooting in a shooting range, you may witness that the wind may be changing its direction within every minute, and to cope up with the direction of the wind, you may have to adjust the windage turrets on your scope every minute, which will not only be time consuming for you, but would also make you feel frustrated and irritated.

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Hence, just remain stick to the tip we have told you above, and we are sure of the fact that you would surely receive a profound experience.


In order to make the most from your riflescope, you really need to have strong knowledge about this gear. Who doesn’t like making perfect shots? That too in an area where you need to consider the wind as well! 

Hence, the tips and techniques provided above come from professional shooters out there, therefore you can trust us that these tips and tricks would hundred percent work for you, and would surely provide you with a profound experience of using your Ar.


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