How to bet on Volleyball and how the “flat” helps


Knowing how to bet in the bookmaker’s office on volleyball is a separate mastery, which requires certain skills. In order to win consistently, it is necessary to properly analyze the upcoming matches. And this is where the website will help. Here, in addition to the maximum amount of information about the games and statistical indicators of the teams, the forecasts and analytics from professional forecasters are collected. Therefore, the website Scores 24 can successfully make bets even for beginners in betting.

But even with the advice of experts, you need to know some basic canons of betting. In order not to lose the whole game bank, you need to follow certain rules, as well as self-control and financial discipline.

One of such principles is betting in the flat. This tactic is ideal for beginners in betting and is also used by most experienced bookmakers.


Flat is used by the clients of bookmakers who know volleyball very well. This betting method belongs to professional strategies, but, as mentioned above, it is also suitable for beginners due to its simplicity. The tactic is designed so that even novice bettors will not lose the entire game bank in a short time.

The essence of the strategy is to always make the same amount of bets. As a rule, the recommended amount of transactions is from 1 to 10% of the game bank. Experienced bettors and in general advice to bet no more than 3% of the total budget.

This method of betting involves qualitative analysis of the line, because you only need to place single bets and at odds around 1.7-2.0. Naturally, to be in the black at a distance requires the passability of such transactions at least 65-70%.

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In the case of a prolonged series of losses, the amount of bets is adjusted. As a rule, it should be done after reaching the mark of ten unsuccessful bets. The sum of the transaction is reduced by 20%. But as soon as the bettor gets the tenth win, the size of the next bet should be increased by 20%.

The disadvantage of this method is the fact that in a short period of time it is not possible to significantly multiply the account in the bookmaker’s office. But the advantage here is more obvious, because it is almost unrealistic to lose all the money on the balance by clearly following this strategy. Therefore, although this tactic is considered professional, it is great for beginners in betting who want to gain experience in volleyball betting and not to lose the bank in the shortest possible time.

Flat options

The strategy of playing flat in volleyball betting, like most other tactics, is constantly being improved, and there are new, improved interpretations of it. Among the many variants there are several basic types, among which:

  • academic flat;
  • static flat;
  • aggressive flat;
  • chaotic flat.

In an academic flat, the bet amount is not fixed, but it must vary between 1-3% of the bankroll. As a rule, the size of the initial bet is set at 3%. If the game is successful, the amount of the following bets is kept at the previous level. But in the case of failures, the size of the bet is lowered to 2 or to 1%. In this case, it is also advised to go by reducing the odds.

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The static flat provides transactions of one level, regardless of the results of previous bets. This indicator is maintained over the whole distance. The most common bets are 1%. For example, with an initial bank of $10,000, the first bet will be made for $100. When losing, only $9,900 will remain on the account. In that case, 1% of the bank will already be $99, and that is the amount to place the next bet on. This strategy is the safest for beginners, since it is virtually impossible to lose all of your money in this way.

Aggressive flat is similar in its essence to the previous option, but the percentage ratio of the bet to the amount of bankroll for the whole period will be higher. As a rule, for this tactic the optimal betting size is 3% of the available funds on the balance.

Chaotic flat refers to a more risky strategy. Applying it bets from 5 to 15% of the bank. The optimal odds are 1.5-1.6. In this case, the bettor themself Often, paired with this tactic, professional betting players use the Kelly Criterion to determine the transaction amount.

Many bettors often depart from classic flat strategies and combine them with other theories. For example, a static flat paired with a catch-up is popular. But this tactic is more risky. It can bring more profit, but it is also possible to spend all the money in a short period of time.

Pros and cons of the flat varieties in volleyball betting

The main task of the flat is to stretch the playing process for a large number of bets, even with a series of failures. Static flat is a great way to do this, which can be an ideal strategy for those who are just making their first steps in betting. Such tactics will not bring big profits, but can teach financial discipline and teach the process of correct analysis of matches before making deals.

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Using a fixed percentage of the pot is an improved tactic that allows you to minimize the amount of money lost in the case of a series of failures. It also has the advantage of making a better profit in a chain of winning bets.

The other interpretations are more risky, especially if used in conjunction with a longshot. They allow not only to earn more, but also to quickly win back after a streak of losing bets. But the risk of losing a significant portion of the bank also increases. Therefore, they should be used with caution, and these strategies are suitable only for experienced capsiders with a good understanding of volleyball.


Flat is a universal strategy for betting on volleyball. In the classic version it is suitable for absolutely all bettors. Thanks to its features, flat bets can be made on the outcome of volleyball meetings as a whole, as well as on individual games, and on any outcome, whether it be the result of the match, total or handicap.


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