How To Download PC Games For Free

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PC games can be quite expensive sometimes. In fact, buying the latest PC games can cost you hundreds of dollars. 

Now, hardcore gamers don’t mind spending money on these games to get premium content. If you don’t have money to spare that you can use to buy PC games, then this article for you. There are many ways you can download PC games for free. Some websites do giveaways and offer games to their users in a completely legal way. 

Some websites indulge in piracy to redistribute a game for free. 

Here are the most common ways you can download PC games for free

  1. Via Direct Download Sites
  2. Via Torrent Websites

Let’s talk about both these ways of downloading PC games for free in detail. 

How to Download PC Games Directly?

Downloading games directly is quite simple. You just need to find a website that offers you the download option for games. 

You need to hunt for sites that are offering giveaways for PC games. If you can’t find such platforms, you can look for sites that have all the latest PC games that they offer to you for free. 

You need to carefully look for and choose a website that you can trust.

You can check out Fitgirl Repack Games to directly download PC games. The problem with direct download is, it can get interrupted because of certain network or device conditions. 

And since PC games usually have a large file size, you’d have to re-download the file if the download gets interrupted. 

In this scenario, downloading PC games via torrent seems like a better option. 

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Here are some of the most popular platforms that you can use to download PC games for free

  • My Abandonware 
  • IGN Beta Giveaway 
  • Steamgifts 
  • Ocean of Games
  • Green Man Gaming 

The sites that we have talked about here include giveaway sites as well as platforms that offer pirated games to their users. You should use all these websites at your own risk. 

Once you are on one of these sites, you need to search for the game you want to download and look for the download option for that game. This is all that you have to do to download games from direct download sites. 

How to Download PC Games with Torrent?

Torrenting seems to be the most reliable option for downloading PC games for free. Torrent sites offer pirated games that seldom work. Still, there are some providers out there that are trusted by a huge number of gamers, that you can check out. 

The biggest edge of downloading PC games with torrent is, you won’t have to worry about your download getting reset. Even if somehow the download gets stopped, it would resume from where it is stopped. Torrent websites like moviesda offer torrent downloads that don’t get interrupted no matter what. 

Once you are on the torrent site, you need to look for the game that you want to download. You need to download the torrent file for that game. After downloading the torrent file, you need to download uTorrent on your PC. uTorrent is a torrent management software that is used to download content from the torrent files. 

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Following are some of the best torrent sites that we recommend for downloading high-end PC games

  • 1337x
  • The Pirate Bay 
  • Torrentfunk 
  • KickassTorrents 

With torrent sites, the entire game downloading experience becomes much simpler and hassle-free. This is why most gamers prefer torrent sites for downloading the latest PC games. You need to use a trusted games provider if you don’t want to end up with a faulty game file that doesn’t even work. 

Final Words

Downloading premium PC games should not be a hassle. Casual gamers don’t like to spend their money on these games. They prefer free download sites because they get to enjoy the same user experience for free. 

And since they are playing just for fun and not for competitive reasons, downloading games for free doesn’t seem like a bad idea to them. 

Still, we promote the use of legal ways to purchase and download games. This is the only way to make the most out of your gaming experience. 


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