How to Find a Real Estate Agent


Did you know that over 863,000 houses were sold in April of 2021? Despite the turbulent world conditions of the last year, people are still looking to purchase their dream home. 

If you are looking to sell up and move to a new location, you will need the best legal and professional guidance that you can get.

Do you know how to find a real estate agent that will meet your unique needs ad understand exactly what you want?

Why not read on to find out how to find the best real estate agent for you?

Understand the Role of the Real Estate Agent

You might feel that your real estate agent is automatically “on your side” and that they will represent your best interests. This is often the case but not always. 

In some cases, they may choose to be a real estate dual agent. This means that they are representing both the seller and the buyer. While you might think that this will create conflicts of interest, it is perfectly legal, and in some cases has its advantages. 

However, before you enter into an agreement, you should check whether the realtor will represent more than one side.

What Qualifications do they Have?

Next, you should check out the background of the real estate agent. For example, they may have been in the real estate business for many years. Do they possess qualifications appropriate to the time that they started?

What training courses have they attended during the last 5 years to update their skills? What level of skill do they have with the technology used in the industry in 2021?

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Finding out the answers to these questions will help you to calibrate your expectations of the real estate agent.

Will I be Delegated to an Assistant?

It is not unusual for you to meet the boss of the real estate agency on the first visit, only to be delegated to assistants, who possess less authority, in future visits.

This can be frustrating as the person you are dealing with constantly has to check or have decisions approved, rather than possessing the power to do this themselves.

What is Their Portfolio Like?

Ensure that you scrupulously check out the past history of the company before signing up. What portfolio cases can they cite for you to check?

If in doubt you can simply open Google and type in the names of the company and check for past clients yourself. You can even contact them and discreetly ask for a comment about their experience.

If you are looking for a real estate company with a solid portfolio in the Florida area, why not check out these testimonials?

How to Find a Real Estate Agent that Will Work For You?

If you are looking to sell your house or property, you need to find a real estate agent that understands your priorities.

Whether you are looking for fast cash and a quick sale, or to get the maximum amount for your property, a real estate agent should be able to meet your needs. 

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