Bitcoin has become one of the most talked-about topics recently. This is largely due to the rise in value and popularity of this digital currency and the wider acceptance it is gaining. This means you may now be asking yourself, “How can I find where to buy bitcoin near me?”

Luckily, I have realized there are several options for getting reliable places to buy Bitcoin near me, and I believe you can also use them. Below are some of the ways I found to be pretty convenient to get bitcoins near me. Also, beware of the taxes applicable. These might vary depending on the type of person you are: natural or a legal entity, such as a business. Follow the link to learn more about it.

Buying bitcoins from stores

One of the ways I found I could get my bitcoins safely was to buy them from stores. In the same way that you purchase everyday commodities, you can walk into a shop and get the number of bitcoins you want and pay with cash, credit card, or any other forms of payment that the business accepts. I learned I need to use a bitcoin store locator to find a bitcoin store near me. Since there may be more than one store close to me, I need to choose the most convenient one, and then I can go there and purchase the digital currency.

The method requires the buyer to verify their identity, so it may not offer the privacy that some people may want. You may also have to pay fees to the shop for the exchange, and the commission charged will vary from one seller to another. However, the advantage of this method is that it is fast, the charges are relatively low. Also, the daily limit, typically $1,000, is high for such a convenient service. I also found out bitcoin cash out, and selling points to conveniently source bitcoin near me, such as NakitCoins.

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Buying Bitcoins from ATM

Another way I found to be very convenient for obtaining bitcoins near me was to use Bitcoin ATMs. At first, I thought these ATMs were linked to certain banks, so I searched online for “Bitcoin bank near me.” But instead of getting a list of banks, I got suggestions of ATMs, and I learned that the machines are not linked to any bank like those for fiat currencies.

Furthermore, I found using ATMs to purchase bitcoins near me to be an easy method because there are online sites and maps to help locate the nearest ATMs in one’s area. Also, the ATMs do not require the buyer to verify their identity or personal information, so they maintain confidentiality. Conversely, the machine’s main disadvantage is they charge 5-10% higher transaction fees than the global rates. But some people still prefer this method despite the high charges, mainly for the sake of their privacy.

Purchasing bitcoins near me from individual sellers

Besides the stores and ATMs, I got to know I can get bitcoins near me from individuals who want to cash them out. Finding people selling Bitcoin near me was not hard because there are sites like LocalBitcoins that link buyers and sellers depending on their location. Also, I found there are Facebook groups one can use to find sellers near them. Another way I could find those cashing out bitcoins near me was through referrals, like a colleague or relative referring me to someone selling the crypto.

The method is fast and easy because once I connected with the seller, we agreed on the price, and the site that linked us held the coins. After I made a bank transfer to the seller’s account and sent the proof of payment to him, the site released the bitcoins to my wallet. The buyer and the seller may also meet in person, but both must be cautious if transacting in cash.

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