How to Find the Best GPS & GNSS Survey Equipment


What do you look for in GPS and GNSS survey equipment? Surveyors have a variety of needs, from general surveying to more detailed landscape mapping. Some require specialized equipment that’s not available on just any store shelf. It takes time to find the best brands and even more time to find the best prices. Here are some tips for finding GPS and GNSS survey equipment that will work best for your surveying project.

Keep in mind the quality of the brand

The first thing is to keep in mind the quality of the brand. You don’t want to purchase something that’s made with cheap plastic that will break easily or one of the poor quality materials. Good surveyors take great care in the development of their products, and the last thing you want is to waste your money on something substandard. It may take a little longer to find the best brands in GPS, but it will definitely pay off in the end with higher quality products that last much longer than cheap ones.

Look for resistance to dust and moisture

There are several things to look for when evaluating quality GPS and GNSS surveying equipment. The first is resistance to dust and moisture. Good surveyors will use filters to cover the instrument’s body and screen, ensuring they have no space for dust to accumulate. Another important feature to look for is waterproofing – this ensures that the screen doesn’t show signs of water damage over the long haul.

Choose the one that is lightweight

Good quality GPS and GNSS instruments should be lightweight. It won’t be overly heavy, but neither should it be flimsy or fragile. Surveyors should be able to make the switch from using the surface to hand instruments simply by loosening the mounting screws. This should enable them to move the probe easily around their display. If you’re purchasing a used or refurbished model, check the quality of the optics as well. Poor optics mean that the screen will be less accurate; a simple test will allow you to determine whether the model you’re looking at has been affected by wear & tear.

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Make sure they come with warranties

Good GPS and GNSS surveying instruments should come with warranties. It should also come with a money-back guarantee in case something goes wrong within the first year of purchase. As with anything else, it’s always best to get the type of warranty that is specific to the model you’ve chosen. For example, if you buy a surveying probe and find that it doesn’t work correctly, you can return it for a replacement. However, if you buy a model that is covered by a general warranty, you’ll need to consider whether or not you can extend the coverage. Most GPS and GNSS survey equipment manufacturers offer various options.

Choose the ones that are user-friendly

Another thing to consider when choosing the best surveying tools is the ease of use. You may find yourself spending quite a lot of time in training if you’re required to undergo such a program. Fortunately, it should be quite straightforward to find a program that makes use of simple interface controls that let you get up and go with little fuss. Also, many of the programs out there come with easy-to-follow videos that explain installation and use. If you don’t feel like reading through text instructions on a complicated monitor, this can be a great option for you.

Make sure that it’s compatible with your computer’s operating system

One of the most important aspects of purchasing any piece of GPS or GNSS surveying equipment is making sure that it’s compatible with your computer’s operating system. In particular, Windows users are advised to look for programs that are made for their system. In addition, some machines can use programs designed for the system without problems; these programs are often referred to as “ports”.

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So, there you have it. Now that you know how to find the best GPS & GNSS survey equipment, what’s keeping you from fulfilling your surveying needs? Get started today! If you need guidance finding the best GPS surveying products, check out and follow the links to the best GPS surveying products available.


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