How Can you Give an Elegant and Minimalistic Look to your Kitchen?


To create a minimalistic and elegant look, you need to make sure that everything is in order – your tableware, your cabinetry, and your kitchen appliances! 

How to create a minimalist kitchen – use Kinto tableware!

If you are trying to create the perfect minimalist kitchen that works well for your low-stress lifestyle, then you will have to make sure that you follow a few basic rules. Just because you want something clean, simple, and aesthetic, this doesn’t mean that it will be boring – in fact, minimalism done well is one of the most intricate and beautiful types of architecture and design that you can have! 

Have you ever heard of the phrase less is more? In this case, minimalism hits the nail on the head! When it comes to a minimalist kitchen, you will avoid having a c;utter-filled, messy, and confusing kitchen. Instead, the focus will be on the simplicity of the design, the functionality of the layout, and the beauty and simpleness of the tableware. 

When you are trying to figure out how to create the best elegant and minimalistic look for your kitchen, here are a few tips you can follow.

Declutter your kitchen

The first step that you should take into account is decluttering your kitchen. This starts with getting rid of old tableware that is brightly colored, contains various designs, and does not work with your minimalist design. You can replace this old tableware with Kinto tableware, which focuses on sleek lines, simplicity, and ease of use. 

In addition, create as much space as you can in your kitchen. Get rid of anything that you do not frequently use, such as a panini press, pizza maker, mini-oven, unused utensils, knife block, and other items that stack up counter and cabinet space. 

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Change your colors

The next step of coming up with a minimalist interior to your kitchen is to get a new color scheme. If you previously used bright reds, blues, and greens in your kitchen, now is the time to go with other colors. Why not try subtle gray, white, or black for your kitchen? This way, you can match your Kinto tableware with your sleek and modern paint scheme. 

Change the knobs

The third aspect to change in your kitchen is the knobs on your cabinets. Changing the knobs means that you will go from having big and bulky hand-grabbing knobs to a snake, simple, and aesthetically pleasing bar that can slightly protrude from your cabinet. This way the cabinets and the knobs blend into one another, providing a minimalist look and a simple interior. 

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Organize your items

Another way that you can focus on a minimalistic interior when it comes to your kitchen is by making sure that all of your items are in the perfect place. Avoid throwing items in the wrong cabinet or drawer because this can cause confusion and clutter. Instead, organize your Kinto tableware in the right spots so it is easy to find and ways to grab while you are in a rush. 

Hide your appliances

The next step of creating a minimalist kitchen is to put away big and bulky appliances. If you always use your coffee maker, make a habit of putting it away in the cabinet after you use it in the morning. This way, you can avoid having huge appliances taking up much-needed counter space and cluttering your kitchen. 

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Get rid of extras

The following characteristics of a minimalist kitchen that you should take into account are the extras – do you really need seven knives? Get rid of anything you do not need to free up counter space, cabinet space, and drawer space for only the important items. This way, you can organize easier! 

Choose the right tableware

The last aspect of your minimalistic kitchen is choosing tableware that works well with your color scheme, the knobs on your cabinets, and your theme. Choose Kinto tableware that matches the colors of your kitchen and goes with the sleek lines of your kitchen cabinets. Compared to other tableware items, Kinto provides a very simple look that is versatile to work with many different interior design vibes. You don’t have to worry about matching various color schemes and ensuring the intricacy of the bowls, plates, and cups go with the kitchen – the Kinto tableware is very simple and easy to match with nearly anything! 


Using Kinto tableware with your minimalist kitchen design is the best way to create a seamless style that will modernize your entire home!


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