How to Have A Lively Bar For Customers


Bars can be very competitive with each other. That is why many find it hard to stay open, especially with the pandemic. So, if you want to continue staying relevant, you need to make your bar livelier for customers.

If you don’t know how, here are some ideas to promote your bar to make it livelier.

Run Happy Hours

Happy hours are the most tested and tried method of a promotional idea to bring in people during slow nights or even during the daytime. 

This promotional idea won’t only boost liquor sales. But it’ll also attract more people to your bar. 

To generate hype, you can announce your happy hour on social media and through posters and flyers. You can even send a message to your regular customers to remind them to visit you. 

Run Loyalty Programs

Rewards-based loyalty programs can be a swell way to promote your bar. Depending on your customer demographic and the average ticket size, you can either have a point-based or visit-based reward system. 

If you have regular customers visiting your bar but don’t spend too much, a visit-based rewards system would be a good choice. On the other hand, if you have customers that rarely come but spend a lot, opt for a point-based reward system.

Regardless, both programs will encourage repeat customers to your bar.

Send Targeted Promotional SMS and Emails

Your special events and other programs will not have any positive effects if you don’t know how to market them. It’s easy to post them on social media. And some bar owners would even spread the word by using promotional SMS and Emails. But unless you target the right customers at the right time, all your marketing efforts will go down the drain.

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For example, if you have ladies’ night, only promote it to your female customers and not your entire database. 

Have Karaoke Nights

As global trends blend, Karaoke has become one of the most popular bar promotional ideas. You could even say that it’s the next big thing, as Millennials and Gen Z are looking for places that give experience, meaning Karaoke Nights can give your bar the publicity boost and edge it needs. 

Karaoke is also a fun group activity, which means a large group of friends can visit your bar, bringing a new set of individuals. 

Host Live Screening of Games

Another promotional idea you can do is host a live screening of games in your bar. Sports and liquor have a special bond, meaning you can use them to promote your bar. All you need is a big screen and a live screen subscription to different leagues of sport. You can even give free drinks to celebrate the winning team. It will surely catch your customer’s attention and even get you free press.

Host Mixers

Singles like to hang out in bars and are a good target for your promotion. So hosting mixers where people can have a drink, relax and get to know and meet other people are a splendid idea to promote your bar. You can post it online and ask people to invite their friends to come and have a good time.


Owning a bar can be stressful. If you can’t make it lively, you will become irrelevant. So it’s essential to promote your bar as much as possible, like the Bar El Paso, to ensure that you have a regular flow of customers. And using the methods above are some of the ways you can do it. So if you know any who don’t know how to make their bar livelier, share this article with them.

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