How to Migrate to a New Hosting Company?


If you want to place your site or sites on advanced host cloud servers but do not know how to transfer, there is nothing easier! Hostforweb specialists will do it for you. They help in transferring sites for free and ensure your platform is ready for an active life online and standing up in high-traffic and load conditions. All you have to do is register and make a request for the transfer.

If you wonder whether cloud hosting solutions are your cup of tea, it is a good idea to get acquainted with the notion and find the right service package for your needs. Let’s get straight to the point!

What Is Hosting?

The term “hosting”, like most other words of Internet slang, came from the English language and derives from the word “host”. This word has several meanings — the main device, the host, and the main computer:

  • Definition #1 — it is the allocation of space on the server’s hard drive, which has a 24-hour Internet connection, to place your page. In other words, hosting is a service to put your site on the Internet. This service is provided by both Internet service providers and companies specializing in hosting services. Typically, the server’s hosting is placed on up to several thousand sites.
  • Definition #2 — it is a service that includes the work necessary to ensure continued access to your website such as registration and maintenance of the address, the allocation of disk space, providing some type of access (eg, by FTP), work on system administration, backup and others.
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The Hostforweb team maintains both approaches. With 100% dedicated resources, more than 170 OS templates, and around-the-clock toolbar access, interested parties will be able to control their network better and ensure the switches between low- and high-traffic periods, as well as scaling abilities, are always at their disposal.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

First of all, having cloud hosting tools becomes a crucial activity for businesses to boost the field of informatization and improve contact with target audiences. You are always there, by any means. To run a business, an enterprise needs as many people as possible to know about it. Host cloud servers will come in handy when maintaining their own web page flexible and fully responsive.

Here are the main advantages of cloud hosting:

  • Cloud hosting can be scaled very easily. It consists of a number of physical computers, combining all their resources. The amount of memory and other resources can be increased or decreased. Hostforweb scaling abilities are divergent and available upon request.
  • In case one of the servers is not working, the virtual machines are immediately transferred to other servers, which are located in the same cluster. In this way, downtime can be avoided. VPS Panel guarantees complete control in emergency cases and regular workflow.
  • The use of a common pool of resources makes it possible to provide the best performance even during peak loads.
  • Cloud hosting is more flexible for businesses. Its clients can choose their control panel, operating system, and other applications.

Wrap It Up

If you would like to get more hands-on experience, feel free to log in to the Hostforweb demo account and find out in practice how a managed and professionally assisted migration to a new hosting company can improve your business workload.

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