How to Open a Selfie Museum


If you are looking to jump on the selfie museum wave, then we can help! Here is how to open a selfie museum of your own so that you can start growing your business today!

1 Know What You Are Going To Open

Selfie museums are a rather new phenomenon taking hold across the nation. However, there is more than one type of selfie museum that you could open. You can choose between museums that feature:

  • Backgrounds and props
  • Lights and projections
  • A combination of everything

Once you decide what type of museum you are going to open, then you need to pick out the themes for each room.

2 Get A Supplier

With a theme prepared, you are going to need to find a supplier to provide all the props, backgrounds, light, or projections for your museum. If you need unique props, you may be able to hire independent craftspeople to create them. However, you will need to find manufacturers or distributors for your more bulk items like lights and projectors.

3 Find A Location

Your location can make or break the success of your museum. You want to find an area that receives high foot traffic to ensure people notice your museum at first. A few cities to consider with high foot traffic are Washington D.C. and New York City.

4 Build The Museum

With a location chosen, it is time to construct the museum. Your contractor will need to construct each individual room to perfectly match your vision. This can take a bit of time due to the uniqueness of each room.

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5 Create Your Selfie Museum Website

Once you have set your opening date, it is time to create a premium website for your museum as well as find a ticketing solution to sell tickets for the museum online.

6 Market Your Museum

With your website set up and your ticketing solution acquired, you now have to market your museum via social media and other marketing techniques. You can not rely on foot traffic alone. The only way for your museum to really take off is with the proper exposure to the public through proper marketing tactics.


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