How to Persuade Candidates to Join Your Company?


Your business is growing and it’s time to get a little help. Or maybe a lot of help. Here are tips that can help you persuade candidates to join your company. 

  • Start with the Best Candidates
  • Empathize with Your Candidates
  • Express Your Company Culture
  • Share Your Story
  • Offer Perks
  • Communicate Promptly
  • Listen During Interviews
  • Onboard

Here’s some more detail on each of these points.

Start with the Best Candidates

Rather than throwing the net out and seeing what you can haul in, a targeted approach can save you time and money. People are more likely to join your company if they are the right sort of people in the first place; so use all the resources available to you to zero in on the people that are likely to be the best fit for your business. 

You can find the best potential candidates with the help of Leadar. This innovative B2B data platform can help connect you to talent, leads, and influential decision-makers. If you know your candidates, but you don’t have all their contact information, Leadar can fill the gaps, providing you with phone numbers, email addresses, and social media details. You can also use the resource to verify information, saving you time and effort. 

Empathize with Candidates

When you are creating your job posting, you may be more persuasive if you think about how it looks to potential candidates. Engage your emotional intelligence and attempt to put yourself in the position of someone looking for work. Is your job ad appealing? Does it speak directly to you or does it sound generic? As a candidate, what do you want from the company and what do you want to offer? Are the requirements clear and achievable? Analyze your job post to improve it.

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Express Your Company Culture

Being able to express your business’s culture is an important part of persuading people to join your company. Increasingly, potential employees are looking for companies that align with their values and beliefs. So it’s important to express what your business values and where it is going. If it sounds like a journey that people want to go on, you will be more likely to persuade them to join your company.

Share Your Story

When attempting to attract people to your business, whether they are potential customers or potential employees, it can help to focus on what differentiates your company from others in the same market as you. One of the best ways to show your differences is through your story.

Consider how your business started and the challenges you had to overcome to get to where you are today. Whatever business you’re in, its origin story is a great way to make it stand out. All employers and employees are characters in that story, even if they’ve not been with the firm from the beginning. 

Consider your business’s trajectory and your hopes for the future. And ask yourself if a potential candidate would want to be a part of this story. With some excitement, hope, and challenges overcome, you can inspire people and persuade them to be a part of what you do.

Offer Perks

All things being equal, a perk might be the thing that persuades someone to join your company over someone else’s. Health benefits, gym membership discounts, and performance-related bonuses may all persuade people that they can get a bit extra by working with you.

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Other significant benefits to seriously consider include flexible and remote working. Many excellent candidates are limited by the days or hours of the week that they are able to work. If you can work around such limitations and offer solutions, you may find that you have access to some excellent people. Offering remote working enables employees to look after dependents at home, reduce commute time, lower transport costs, and potentially free themselves from distractions, such as co-workers, the office environment, and unnecessary meetings. 

Communicate Promptly

Responding promptly to messages will demonstrate your professionalism. A business that does not reply to inquiries promptly – or does not reply at all – can give the impression that it doesn’t care. 

Even if you use an autoresponder to reply to emails or have HR software that replies with standard text to unsuccessful applicants, acknowledging messages is professional, courteous, and leaves a good impression, even with unsuccessful candidates. It’s a practice that shows a business appreciates the time people have invested in getting in touch. 

Listen During Interviews

For those lucky candidates that get through to the interview stage, remember that the persuasive work is not yet over. An interview is a two-way meeting. While the candidate has expressed a clear interest in working with you, they have not yet been persuaded to accept a position. 

So remain open and use interviews as opportunities to find out what will make a candidate turn down other jobs in favor of your position. Make sure to allow the candidate to ask questions and answer them fully. In doing so, you will demonstrate the importance your business places on actively listening to others. This is likely to make them feel more valued from the start.

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The onboarding process – which could be described as the process of helping an employee settle into your business – can last for hours, days, weeks, or months. A long onboarding process with regular feedback, during which candidates can say what’s on their minds, can be invaluable for a business. Such a process can also give candidates the confidence to make more contributions and be more creative and innovative. It’s also reassuring for a candidate to know that they won’t be abandoned in the deep end when they start work. 

If you have an excellent onboarding process, tell your candidates. If you don’t have an effective onboarding process, seriously consider designing one.

Follow these tips to keep your business growing. Use your tech resources, soft skills, and storytelling ability to attract the best candidates for you and persuade them to become a part of your mission.


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