How to treat Razor Bumps at home?


In this article, I am going to discuss the more frequent search topic that how to avoid or get rid of razor bumps. You might be shaving the very first time, and after that, you are experiencing razor bumps. These bumps can be unsightly and, depending on the location, annoying or painful. In this post, you will learn all the tips and tricks to get rid of razor bumps.

What actually are razor bumps?

Before explaining how to get rid of razor bumps, you should understand what actually the problem is. Razor bumps are small red bumps caused by skin irritation from shaving. Because these bumps are caused by skin irritation, they’re usually a bit painful and look like a rash or razor burn. Here I am sharing some tips to treat razor burns.

Use Hydrocortisone based Cream

Apply a topical cream containing chemicals like hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone is used to treat certain types of skin conditions like swelling, redness, and pain associated with inflammation. You can also use these types of creams or lotions to get rid of razor bumps within days. Usually, this cream is used at least twice a day. However, read the specific product instructions to determine how to use it, especially for razor bumps.

Avoid Scratching

Do not scratch the affected area. Although razor bumps may itch, resist the urge to scratch them. This is especially important because your fingernails can transmit bacteria if the skin breaks while scratching, which will cause infection in the affected area. And you might end up with another trouble. Razor bumps area can be itchy, but you should avoid scratching that area to avoid any further damage.

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Give enough gap

Wait a few days before shaving again. Another way to avoid razor bumps is to let the hair grow about 2cm long, as this will help to avoid any further damage to your skin. Shaving too often can lead to razor burns to form or open up existing affected skin, and that may become infected. So let your hair regrow enough, and don’t shave too often.

Use Heating Pad

Apply a warm compress directly to the razor bumps or soak them in hot water. Applying heat should help remove razor burns by reducing swelling. When applying a compress, soak a washcloth or towel in lukewarm water and hold it on the skin for at least 5 minutes. It can also help keep the area clean and free of bacteria. Likewise, soaking in lukewarm water has the same effect as the heating pad.

Use OTC Products

Find a product specially designed for the treatment of razor burns. These products often contain witch hazel, aloe, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid. Another product that is said to help in the treatment of razor bumps is tea tree oil. These products can be helpful to treat skin irritation and razor burns. The application of these products can also be helpful in reducing itching.

Wear breathable Outfit

Make sure that the clothes covering the affected area are loose and made of a breathable material such as cotton.

Check for Infection

If the razor bumps appear a little infected, apply an antibacterial cream. But if you see the infection is increasing, then you should always see your doctor or skin care specialist. If the razor blades last longer than a week, contact a dermatologist for more information and treatment.

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Waxing the best alternative

If your first shaving experience is not good and you want to avoid any type of razor burns or cuts, then waxing Fredericton is the best and cheap option for you. You can get the waxing service to avoid any harm to your skin. Waxing hair removal treatment is used for a long time, and it is considered a far better option as compared to shaving. In waxing, treatment hair is pulled from the roots, and it regrows slowly as compared to shaving. So give waxing a try if you don’t like shaving, and definitely, you will have smooth and flawless skin for a longer time period.


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