How to Use a Percussion Massager to Help Your Rehab on Your Own


If you are an athlete, if you enjoy exercising or going to the gym, you frequently do a lot of outdoor activities, or you find that your muscles are tight from doing the same repetitive motion over and over again, you need to use the therapy method that can help your muscles relax! Instead of your typical use of painkillers and putting creams and lotions on your tight muscles, why not try a more active method that can help you relieve shoulder and neck pain? 

How to use a percussion massager

A percussion massager is one of the best ways that you can gently – and efficiently – get out those tight knots that are working their way in between your muscles. Along with the knots that can build up over time due to repetitive use, lack of stretching, poor mobility, and lack of massage to break up the troublesome areas, tight muscles can also plague your health. Along with causing poor posture, these tight muscles can lead to problems with your range of motion that can lead to your inability to perform at a high level in your sport or do your daily activities without pain. 

Using a percussion massager is one of the best ways that you can recover from intense exercise sessions, games, competitions, tournaments, and much more. If you use them correctly and safely, you can effectively help your muscles recover. 

But what is a percussion massager? You have probably seen this from looking too online or at your local fitness center in the past few months. It kind of looks like a massage gun, since it is in the shape of a gun with a big foam-type looking ball at the end of the “massage gun.” This end of the massage gun is the area that will be constantly moving, pulsating, and vibrating to really work deep into the muscles. 

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Fortunately for people who are not well-versed in the fitness industry – at least not yet – you can easily use a percussion massager without any previous use or proper training. Since the tool is easy to use, is very hard to hurt yourself with, and is very hard to overuse, you can easily buy online and use this percussion massager from the comfort of your own home without worry or supervision. 

  • The first step of using a percussion massager is figuring out what muscles need to be relaxed. Do you need to use the percussion massager on your quadriceps legs muscles or do you need to use it on your neck and shoulder?
  • If you need to use it on an area that is hard to reach by yourself, consider asking someone to help you with the percussion massager in hard-to-reach spots, like your upper back, lower back, or neck. 
  • Turn the massage gun on and simply move it around the affected area, ensuring you get out the kinks and knots in your tight muscles!


If you are new to using recovery methods, why not try a percussion massager? With the ability to work out tight muscles in a safe and controlled way, you can do this from the comfort of your own home without paying for the hefty price of a one-time in-person massage. Instead, do it as often as you would like! 


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