Ever wanted to know the secret of writing engaging blog titles that actually attract and retain readers? This article takes you through all the main tips and tricks in content, to ensure an article that receives traffic.

Readability and Engaging Titles

All bloggers know that when writing a blog, they are usually most concerned with the article title. Don’t you hate seeing some blog posts with their headings rather unclear? Most people, even those who would consider themselves to be book smarts, lack basic reading comprehension skills, such as recognizing their own name or that of the author. 

So, is a title not enough? Probably not. A blog title has become an integral part of how people read. It’s become a crucial piece of information that should be phrased in a clever manner. 

Imagine you are writing an article titled “5 Fantastic Reasons that Perth IT Support is Important” or “You need IT support” – it is fairly obvious the first one sounds better!

Why Is This Important? People often forget that their eyes move through their view of the page in an infinite amount of time. If the title of an article is hard to read, chances are your reader will scroll down.

Headings and Subheadings

Even the tiniest things you write can affect the perception of your blog. Headings are powerful. Putting them at the beginning of your article can help create anticipation. This is very important in blog titles and subheads. 

Subheads can be placed at the end of your article and in different sections of the page. They can help to direct the reader towards the content you want them to read. Striking a Balance Between Appropriate and Appropriate-To-You Titles 

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Blog titles need to be well researched and logical. Make sure your content follows the same logic. However, be very clear what is ‘appropriate’ to post. Wording is important. Use language that is accurate and congruent with the tone of your blog. Here are some tips on how to write good titles that fit a blog.

The Power of a Bold Title

Our minds are subconsciously drawn to things that stand out. When you write content that doesn’t stand out, it’s going to be hard to draw your readers into your content. Think of it like going to a shopping mall and seeing everyone else wearing a uniform of white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, while you’re dressed like you’re off to work. 

Your readers will just scan over what you’re offering and click away to something different. But when your title stands out, it can really grab your reader’s attention. A great example of this is the title of a post by Ryan Holihttps://attrock.com/lead-generation-services/day, author of the best-selling book, The Obstacle Is The Way.

The Importance of a Good Lead

Do you want to generate more traffic? Then it’s important that you optimise your blog post and establish a relevant lead in the first paragraph of your blog post. This creates a natural clickable topic for your readers and gets them hooked immediately. 

There’s a good chance that you don’t know much about SEO. So why not go out and learn a little more with this detailed article? It covers everything from the basics of SEO to identifying and optimizing high ranking keywords. 

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Get More Traffic Through Your Blog If you want to grow your blog, the best way is to attract traffic. This article has lots of useful advice, so you’ll be able to create a much more visible blog.


These ideas will make the blogging process smoother and help you to enjoy the process more. The things that you work on every day you see in front of you, every month. The small things that you can see the fruits of some months from now. 

All it takes is discipline and understanding. As you grow you will appreciate how much it benefits your business, as well as your life.

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