How You Can Effectively Enhance Security in Your Business or Commercial Property


Many business owners are understandably concerned about securing and protecting their business or commercial property. This is why there are many security elements you can use – from CCTV systems to fencing and more. However, if you haven’t invested in such security elements, your property could be vulnerable, especially if you are in an area with a higher rate of break-ins or theft than most. Of course, it’s crucial to find the right way to enhance your property’s security, but you may also be wondering which security methods are the most effective. 

Whilst a place will never be 100% secure, according to security experts, you can still do your part to enhance its protection and deter would-be criminals. Here’s how you can effectively improve security in your business or commercial property.

  1. Install a metal fence 

Metal fences have been around for some time, and they’re the most popular type of fencing for industrial and commercial properties. Metal fences can provide your property with an extra level of security, and it works even better when you combine them with other security features like CCTV and access control. The excellent aspect about metal fencing is that you can choose a design that’s as strong as possible without compromising on aesthetic appeal, such as palisade fencing or mesh fencing from fencing contractors in Leicester like RTC Fencing. Palisade fencing is a particularly great choice because it has narrow, tipped points, but it still looks attractive and fits with a modern building’s theme. 

  1. Set up a CCTV system 

CCTV systems are proven to work, and if you want your property to be even more secure, go for an advanced CCTV system in all access and entry points as well as your property’s perimeter. CCTV cameras easily deter many criminals as they scope out a business or commercial property. If they see more than a few cameras installed on your property, this will make them think twice about their intentions. No criminal wants to be captured on camera, after all! And even if worse comes to worst and your property is broken into, it will be easier for the police to investigate and arrest those involved because your CCTV cameras will have captured the images of the perpetrators. 

  1. Ensure you have strong lighting 
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Here’s another criminal deterrent that has been proven effective time and again: intense lighting, especially on the exterior of your property. Strong outdoor lights can easily deter intruders, as their primary goal is not to be seen when they break in. If you invest in motion-sensor lighting systems, this will be ideal as it can light up your property’s exterior as soon as there is any outside movement.  For it to be even more effective, make sure you have lighting installed on all your entryways as well as dark corners or spots. Strong lighting can really make your home much safer, so if you don’t have sufficient lighting installed, you better get some from a reliable lighting supply store and have them installed.

  1. Invest in access control

Lastly, you may also want to invest in an access control system. With this, you can monitor who goes in and out of your building 24/7, and you can prevent unauthorised people from entering. It also has another advantage: it eases access for your staff once they have a key card or input their PIN.  And this, combined with better control of who can enter, is another excellent way to protect your property even further.


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