ImmortalHD’s Net Worth 2018/2019

The YouTuber Aleks is the owner of a channel on YouTube called ImmortalHD, where he places videos as related to MLG online game titles on his channel. Despite the fact that Aleksa sarcastically reproduces videos and guides in a sarcastic way, videos have been enjoyed and commended by a vast multitude of MLG avid game enthusiasts. Wouldn’t it be great if we shared with you Aleks’ livelihood and his station’s online values for 2018?

Life before Becoming YouTuber

Alexander”Shasha” Vitalyevich came to be 1st September 1992, in Russia, in which he dwelt to the very initial eight decades of his lifetime. From that time forward, his family relocated to the United States of America, and he is now a resident of New York City. He moved into college so that he could study picture creation, but then he realized that this was not his area of expertise, so he left the university. As a result of being embraced, he revealed this in Creature Chat.

Love Life

There was a time when Aleksa was in a relationship with Tiffany Kudrikow, who was a fellow Youtuber, prior to 2013. It was at this point that Aleks updated Dominica Baczek, which had been initiated in 2014, once they had awakened. One year later, this romantic romance has also gone a very long way upwards. SJ was Aleks’ fresh girlfriend when he first met her back in 2017. However, in the same calendar year, Aleks announced yet another split upward, and he had been about to move to California when he declared the split upward.

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Career as a YouTuber

He got involved with Minecraft Machinimas, a station that published videos from MLG, which has been short until he opened up his own station, ImmortalHD, after he initiated a great deal of videos based on matches such as Counter Strike and Overwatch.

In addition to The Creatures, he had also been a part of another favorite YouTube station he enjoyed. Upon being introduced to the crowd as a monster holding a drinking water jar, additional station owners left delight after he initially captured their attention as a monster holding a drinking water jar. In fact, this is the channel where ImmortalHD was announced to be a monster for the first time. The station was in the hands of Aleks for about three decades, and following that, he abandoned the station in 20-16.
It was initially Aleks who wore an Optimus primary mask on his head at the beginning of his videos published in his station; however, he later decided to take it off again and reveal his face to the world. There was only a million readers when ImmortalHD started out back in might 2015, which was a remarkable achievement at that time. As one of the stations possessed by James, CowChop station, has been one of the stations that ImmortalHD has been doing video clips for.


In terms of his cash flow, Aleks derives most of it from the movies he uploads to his YouTube station, ImmortalHD. The publication has a readership of more than one million and can be thought of as the second monster after Nova since its subscriptions have increased. The estimated net worth of Aleks is estimated to be in the region of £ 800 million.

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Despite the fact that Aleks is only within his 20s at the moment, it is predicted that his net worth will probably grow over the next few years ahead of time.

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