Improve your Website CTR with Better UX Design

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When people go online to find a thing, they will have over a hundred options to select from. In a competitive space like this, your business needs to offer more than just services to clients, right?

To convince your customer and help them choose you, you have to provide them various facilities that are better than the others. One of the most important factors here is user experience also known as UX design.

What is user experience?

User experience is the way your audience feels about the website. The moment a user enters your website, has it been treating the user well? How does the user feel about the website operations, how does it look and function, etc come under the belt of user experience.

So, now you know why is it important for CTR? Still confused, consult a web design company and discuss with them over a meeting or look ahead for some tips to improve your user experience.

Tips to improve website CTR with the help of UX design

1.      Don’t underestimate the power of videos

Videos are much more attractive and eye-catching than any other content and this is the exact reason why they are super important for you. 

Try to invest in professional video building and create videos that help build client trust as this is the first thing on the landing page that might catch an eye.

If you think spending on a professional would be too much, then not to worry! You can replace them with options like customized graphics and images.

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2.      Using CTA colors and designs

Choosing CTA colors that assure your conversions is very important to attract customers. Using red instead of green will create a lot of difference for you and you know why.

Red indicated stop and green indicated go, and we all know how well people relate different experiences with colors.

So, being careful here can help you gravitate the audience towards your page and end up being a regular customer.

3.      Create CTA  headlines

Call to Action is one of those important things that lead us directly to conversions. To create an attractive eCommerce website design it is important to focus on aesthetics and what the rule book says.

Paying attention to CTA headlines and buttons is one of those important rules that you have to obey to get conversions.

Make sure you make use of headlines that trigger the emotions and create an urgent demand to increase the chances of conversions. Using words like start, stop, discover, learn, build are much better than submit right? So, play with your mind and come up with something engaging!

4.      Try setting realistic goals on Google Analytics

Google Analytics not only helps you get to know your weekly report and keyword ranking but also helps you gauge the conversion rate of your website. Google Analytics allows you to measure with the help of various tools available. You might have to understand them first and make sure to use the right ones for measuring your business. When you know it all then you simply name the goal and set a destination and you are ready to go!

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5.      Optimizing the images and keeping a check on the speed

So, what will you do when you are browsing and the site loads super late? You will exit and find other options. This is exactly why optimizing images and keeping a check on the speed is important.

To avoid this situation, try to conduct a speed test now and then. Also, making sure that your website images are optimized will help you with fast loading and convert visitors into customers.

6.      Making sure of high readability on the website

What if you visit a website and realize that the text is too small for you to read and the paragraphs are not intended properly? You will leave! To avoid this situation, you have to make sure that you choose the right size for images and text for your website. Not only this, but your website should also ensure proper spacing and give access for a smooth user experience to your customers.


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