Incredible Reality: 7 Most Surrealistic Places on the Planet


Don’t know where to go on vacation, although you have saved up a decent fortune while betting with the online sportsbook on the craziest events? We invite you to find out what parts of the planet can surprise the imagination and captivate the eye with unrealistically beautiful sights.

Some of the beauties of the Earth sometimes seem to be something supernatural, surreal. Sometimes you are amazed at how diverse nature is on our home planet. Amazing waterfalls, mountains, and lakes of various colors, lush forests – all these natural masterpieces are sometimes combined in the most intricate way with the creations of human hands.

1. Waterfall Kuang Si (Laos)

Lovers of contemplating the water element from the first photos fall in love with the wondrous beauty of the Kuang Si waterfall. This enchanting creation of nature is located in the province of Luang Prabang, in Laos. The waterfall has four cascades, the largest of which is 54 meters high! To admire the beauty of the seething streams of one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, you will have to make a long journey to the Tam Quang Si National Reserve.

2. Firefly Cave (New Zealand)

Fireflies are some of the most amazing creatures in the insect kingdom. Well, what an original nature, if it creates luminous living organisms! You can watch the lights of these crumbs in Waitomo Cave, located in New Zealand.

3. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (China)

The main uniqueness of the park is its amazing rocky formations. If you love mountains, you will be delighted with the sight of these amazing rocky pillars stretching high into the sky. Shrouded in thick fog, the Zhangjiajie Mountains look like fantasy illustrations. Sometimes, due to the dense clouds of haze, it seems as if the mountains are soaring in the sky. By the way, it was the Zhangjiajie mountains that inspired the creation of unique landscapes in the cult film Avatar.

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4. Marble Caves (Patagonia)

Patagonia in the past was considered the end of the earth – a place beyond which there was nothing else. Over time, this myth was dispelled. However, this corner of the planet to this day attracts many tourists eager to see something fabulous and out of this world. If you ever visit Patagonia, be sure to visit the amazing beauty of the caves, nicknamed marble. Delicate turquoise waters look amazing surrounded by grottoes, the walls of which are decorated with intricate stains.

5. Lake Tekapo (New Zealand)

The lake is located on the South Island and is considered one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. In addition to the magnificent water surface and spectacular hills, fabulously beautiful fields of lupines, which bring all shades of lilac and lilac to the green-blue landscape, also attract attention.

6. Underwater City Shicheng (China)

Our selection contains exclusively natural beauties that have not been touched by a human hand. However, we decided to diversify the selection with such a wonder of the world. Sunken cities are amazing places, at the sight of which one thinks about the perishability of human existence and the fact that nature (which we are so pathetically eager to save as if a man is indeed the king of all things) will always find a way to put people in their place, taking what rightly belongs to her.

7. Lake Natron (Africa)

Africa is beautiful, but at the same time Africa is deadly and the mesmerizing Lake Natron is clear proof of this. Its blood-red waters give life to some and death to others. Due to the high content of minerals and salts, animals caught in the waters of the lake can turn mummies alive. Truly, a deadly beautiful place.

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All these corners will give you the most unforgettable travel experience. Each of these places is worthy of being included in the list of “I must go there”, which all avid tourists have. Let life give you the opportunity to see these beauties with your own eyes!


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