On July 6, 2015, a Western manga series entitled “Actually I am” aired on television Tokyo. The app has since proven its efficiency on TVO, TVQ, TSC, and the remainder of Western apps as well. In addition to being a big success in Japan, the show obtained a significant amount of success worldwide at the same time. As soon as the show was made available via Crunchyroll inside the USA, the company’s division, TMS enjoyment, was able to bring Kenichi Yamashita’s script to life.  


This show’s protagonist, Asahi Kuromine, is a student at a top senior school like everyone else, but that which can set him apart from the rest is his own “skill”, so to state the truth, he is incapable of keeping anything, including keys. The difficulties he faces begin when he falls in love with a female student in his course entitled Yōko. In her key, she reveals that she has gotten a vampire and doesn’t have to maintain it for a mystery as long as she has that key. It is unlikely that her dad will allow her to attend college if she does not have approval from him. While on his way to the office, Asahi discovers that a resident has a trick agent as well. Some of his students have supernatural abilities or very similar skills. As a consequence, he is confronted with an enormous challenge in preserving every one of these keys without having to sacrifice his nearest and dearest in the process.  

Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa Season 2 Release Date

As far as the release date for this chain is concerned, we are still unsure as to when it will be released. On July 6, 2015, the first episode of this show aired for the first time, which ended on September 28, 2015. It consisted of 13 episodes. Although this is the case, the facts concerning the second season remain likely, and many men and women are looking forward to watching the second season.  

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