Know the main features and benefits of feather flags that make them such a pivotal advertising tool 

Know the main features and benefits of feather flags that make them such a pivotal advertising tool

With digital media creating a tectonic shift in the word of advertisement, you can no longer continue with conventional marketing modes. Nevertheless, a few traditional marketing methods still remain popular. We are talking about custom feather flags. It’s about enhancing your marketing competencies and related fields.

Today’s businesses need to stand out from the rest. Outdoor feather flags are a cost-effective and viable way to promote your business and increase brand awareness. If you’re looking brand exposure and promotion 24*7, feather flags are a great option.

  • With double-sided custom feather flags or outdoor banners, you don’t need to worry about removing them after the promotional events.
  • Additionally, there’s no validity problems or expiration time with these flags. They are an antithesis to digital marketing, where content/feeds star for a specific time and settle with an overlapping or huge digital copy, feather flags are a 24*7 promotional pathway.

Properties and options

Flagpoles have easy rotation. They can swivel in every direction, showcasing your message or business logo. The fabric of feather flags is stretchable. Regardless of the wind power or flagpole turning, there will be optimum visibility for your message.

  • When you print the fabric on both sides, you can read the flag from multiple directions. Double-edge printing ensures a comprehensive conveying of the message.
  • It goes beyond saying that flags offer a carnival vibe or appeal. They are suitable in every demographic. While other forms of advertising can feel too imposing at times, flags are light and fun to watch.
  • The visual appeal is pleasing and dynamic, creating a positive bond with your potential customers.
  • Feather flags have a decent height. The tallest product is more than 19 feet, which ensures great visibility.
  • The most prominent varieties are classic feather flags and edge and straight flags. The former entails a straight body. Its bottom and top curve like feather tips.
  • Despite the appealing and balance curve of the flag, it doesn’t taper drastically or dramatically. It provides a lot of surface area for you to display your business message or logo.
  • The prominent style options are ground stakes, augur stakes, stackable bases, fillable bases, cross bases, steel square bases, and the drive-over products.
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The main benefits

When it comes to OOH advertising, feather flags are something you can count on. You knit its impact to the traffic outside your store or home. Since most businesses choose high traffic locations, you can leverage the numbers to optimize your advertising returns.

  • They are very cost-effective. It doesn’t cost much to design and create feather flags. While you have to spend thousands of dollars to get bus signs, car wraps, or billboards, a Swooper Flag doesn’t cost more than $19.
  • The assembling is super easy. The flags have a localized significance and appeal. Apart from being scalable, adaptable and portable, feather flags are also customizable, which makes so commercially viable.
  • You can choose from a wide selection of custom feather flags. These are open, sale, or welcome banners.

You can also design your own custom prints and flags that suit your specific needs.


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