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Time Management has become my passion.

I believe that I am lucky because Time Management comes naturally to me. I love being organized and believe that life can become stress-free once you master a set of simple skills.

Time Management involves good routine, tidy habits, planning, consistency ordered structure, motivation, action and the goal to succeed.

Time Management also involves good balance. Not only of your workload but also of quality time for yourself and living a healthy lifestyle.


The First Steps To a Time Managed Lifestyle.

First I would just like to say. On the surface, Time Management appears to be quite intricate. But following a small series of consistent steps and repeating these for a short period of time is usually enough to reset your clock. (excuse the Pun), You may need to break some old habits but it does become natural and much easier as each day goes by.

The trick is to be consistent. It also helps if you are determined and want your life to start ticking by more smoothly and in a less stressful way.

A Well Managed Start to Your Day

Being in control and having started your day early with an organized routine you have now freed up time for your business.

Tips for making progress and succeeding with an online business.

  • Set yourself a time allocation to work on your business each day. Concentrate solely on it just as if somebody was paying you to do so.
  • Schedule a daily plan in a physical diary, follow it and tick each task off as you go.
  • Make your schedule manageable and easily achievable.
  • Complete the important and most difficult tasks first.
  • Avoid traps like getting hooked into social media, email, unrelated websites etc.
  • Keep to a routine. Stop for set breaks, morning Tea, lunch etc.
  • When you have finished all tasks written up. Write up the next days schedule.
  • Walk away. Spend time on yourself.
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Reset Your Routine to a More Organized Life. 3 Practical Steps

If you are keen to get your life moving in a positive direction, depending on how you are living your life to start with you may need to start with some simple changes.

Routine – Don’t let the word, routine, scare you.

You will actually feel better for it once you break a couple of old habits. Here are 3 tips to get you started.

  1. Set your alarm clock and get up nice and early. You may have heard the saying, the early bird gets the worm. If you are used to staying in bed until all hours you may find it rough going at first but by the end of the first week, you will naturally be getting up and ready for a good productive day ahead.
  2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast Eat well, feel well and be more productive. By being consistent and taking care of yourself you will be surprised how this works in with a good Time Management lifestyle.
  3. House Keeping Practice good housekeeping. You will struggle to stay motivated and be organized if you are living in a mess. My rule of thumb is that if you let your house get into a mess then it is very hard to clean up. However, keep it tidy, clean and organized and it will take you only 1/2 hour. a day, give or take.

So what have we got here? Up early, fresh ready for the day ahead, good breakfast so your charged and thinking clearly, Your house is in order so you are all in control and ready to work on your online project. The niggling of dishes piled up, washing to go out or beds to make do not exist, that has already been done. You are in control. You can also delegate the workload out to other family members. Get the kids into the habit of making their beds and tidying their rooms before school etc.

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Also worth mentioning if you like to exercise then early in the morning is a really good time for this too. Also, a chance to take the dog for a run.

We are all different, some of us have kids to get to school or extras to do but the point is to get a working routine so you can then concentrate on your online business.


Other Useful Tips

The following are also a set of everyday tips that can set you up for good Time Management.

  • Put thought and time into the initial planning and the foundations of any project. By spending time to get the base of what you are doing sturdy and complete you can save much wasted time down the track.
  • Complete what you are doing and that way you will not have to find time to go back to it,
  • Streamline and automate whatever you can to make the most of the time and also free up time for other tasks.
  • Recognize when your workload is too much and outsource to take the pressure off so that you are no longer overwhelmed.
  • Be kind to yourself. No two days are the same, just as our lives are all very different. Some have more challenges than others. Bigger households to run, kids to manage, added errands to keep up with. This creates a lot more to juggle and gives you less time to work on your online projects. That is where you need to write a daily schedule that is doable for where you are at. Whatever your situation, leave time just for your self to unwind and relax a little
  • The last tip is very important. You need a good working space, organized, quiet and well set out so that you have everything you need close on hand. A quiet room or office that is bright and cheerful and a place that you are able to concentrate and get through your schedule each day.
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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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