Alcohols are of different kinds, and even many brands and retailers, like Bevmart, have handcrafted distilleries. They provide the best gins, cocktails, liqueurs and vodka with the finest ingredients to the public. These kinds of exclusive brands in Australia make the liquor game a new experience for people. Moreover, these premium drinks are affordable, and with the help of technology and vertical integration, they have transformed the traditional distillery-to-consumer exposure to a more seamless experience. Brands like Bevmart avoid the middlemen-experience to be more consumer-friendly and cost-effective.

However, before choosing a seller, it is crucial to have a thorough idea of the types of alcohols available in the market. It changes how one consumes liquor and adds more options to explore and love. This article will give a brief idea of the type of alcohols available in the Australian Markets. 

Alcohols: An overview

Liquid alcohols are basically of three types. Among these, ethanol or ethyl alcohol is the type that is consumed by more than two billion people in the world. The other two types are for cleaning and manufacturing purposes, and they are not suitable for consumption. Consuming even a small amount of these can be very harmful to the human body and may even be fatal. 

Among the Ethyl category, there are two categories which are distilled and undistilled. By distillation, the alcohol is concentrated from the water and another component after the fermentation process. This process will not happen in undistilled alcoholic drinks, making the former have a higher alcohol content.

Let us look at the kinds of drinks available in the undistilled category. 

  • Wine: They are an ancient beverage with an average of 14% alcoholic content. However, there are distilled wines that have above 20% alcoholic content. The type and taste of the wines change according to the vineyards and the concentration. 
  • Beer: They are the most commonly consumed beverage after tea and coffee in this world. It has only 4 to 6% of alcoholic content, and there are also different varieties among them.
  • Mead: These are a blend of fermented honey and water. The alcoholic content in this beverage ranges from 10 to 14%.
  • Cider: It is also known as hard cider, which is fermented apple juice. Their alcoholic content is about 5%
  • Saké: It is a popular drink that has originated in Japan. It is made with fermented rice, and its alcoholic composition ranges from 14 to 16%. 
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The different types of distilled drinks include:

  • Run: They are made with fermented molasses or sugarcane with an alcoholic composition of about 40%. However, there are also varieties with a composition of 75.5%.
  • Tequila: It is a liquor that is made with the Mexican agave plant. This drink is trendy at parties nowadays and has its origin in Mexican customs and traditions. The alcohol concentration of the drink is 40%.
  • Vodka: This drink is made with fermented grains and potatoes. The alcohol composition of the drink is 40%.
  • Brandy: It is distilled wine with an alcoholic composition that ranges from 35 to 60%. The most famous brand of brandies in the world is Cognac which has a composition of about 40%.
  • Whisky: This is a spirit that is made from fermented grain. Their alcoholic composition ranges from 40 to 50%. 
  • Everclear: It is a spirit made with fermented grain and contains the highest concentration of alcohol. The minimum alcohol composition of Everclear is 60%, and the maximum is 95%. 

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