MacBook Air M2, Entry-Level MacBook Pro and More


By Alexander Wawro released January 02, 2020. Apple gave us plenty of reasons to get excited about 2022. MacBooks fans had an awesome 2021, as Apple boosted its M1 chip by creating an extensive list of Apple-branded silicon products. The 2021 MacBook and 2021 MacBook Pro are the best MacBooks ever released and feature a slew of new features and a stunning new mini-LED display. However, with prices between $1999 and $2499, they will cost more than most consumer products.

Apple’s 2022 MacBook Air: Everything We Know

The new MacBook Air refresh will be announced by Apple as part of its 2021 release, and the MacBook Air will have the greatest redesign update since 2010. It appears we are expecting an overhaul of the machine and this guide gathers the most current speculation, including what pro gamers can expect for gaming on a Macbook.

MacBook Air

Apple’s most anticipated new product will be the refreshed MacBook Air. The MacBook Air has the rumour that it features flat edges, ditching the famous tapering style which is thinner in the front while thicker towards the back. The 2022 MacBook Air is expected to be available in additional colours similar to the colours of its 24-inch iMacs. It is also similar to the iMac and has a bezel and a white screen for the keyboards. The MacBook Air is expected to have similar designs as the new MacBook Pro, though no word is given about its availability.

When will the new MacBook Air be released?

It is currently under a year old and ready to get upgraded. Sadly, Apple didn’t unveil the new MacBook Air at the event in October 2021. Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman had earlier indicated Apple could prefer the first half of 2022 for the Air. A 9to5Mac report from July 2021 said notable supply chain expert Ming-Chi Kuo agreed, citing an update from mid-2022. The same is true for Twitter, leaked by prolific @dylandkt. Just wanted to give you some info about the expected M2 next generation.

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Mac mini and Mac Pro

The Apple Silicone transition will continue until 2021 and may even be completed. The company is also looking to build the next MacBook Pro based on the silicon technology of Apple. It might be half the size of the current MacBook. MacPros have been revealed in 20 or 50 computing cores that comprise 16 or 32 high-performance cores or 4 to 8 high -efficiency cores. GPUs can have 64 and 128cores. The company has also revealed plans for a new Apple Mac Pro with the latest industrial designs.

MacBook Air 2022

MacBook Air 2022 will be the most anticipated product Apple will introduce in 2022. It has been reported that Apple has introduced an Air book in the coming years. this is a new standard for MacBook performance with the introduction of the M1. The Apple MacBook Air 2022 is predicted to be released in the coming weeks and will be launched in October 2022.


The latest MacBook Air is expected to be marketed at a high-end price point according to Bloomberg reports earlier in this story. It is essentially a MacBook Air and is not actually a MacBook Air. The MacBook Air currently costs around $199.50. The new MacBook Air will likely cost around £800 when the price drops to £850 – £800 when the price is reduced by 80% on the MacBook Air Pro. The lower start-up cost supports Kuo’s claim that MacBooks are going to suffer a drop in price.


Apple has opted for curved MacBook Pro designs and won’t have the tapered design for future models. MacBook Airs have thinner designs on the back, but the company’s plans are to change to the newer MacBook Pro style, which features a similar shape. The next Apple MacBook Pro and 24-inch MacBook will also feature features of the MacBook Pro and a curved MacBook Pro design. The machine’s chassis comes in a number of iMac-like colourways, according to reports.

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M2 Apple Silicon Chip

Earlier this week Apple said a new chip for MacBooks could be called M2-Chip. The MacBook Pro M2 does not have as much power as the chips M1 and M1. It will likely be equipped with an M2 chipset that features 8 cores, but it will likely offer accelerated speeds that will be slightly faster. It could also improve graphics using nine or 10 GPU cores compared to seven or eight GPU cores on the current M1 MacBook Air.


The MacBook Air may also use the same technology if it has the mini-LED panel. We’re not yet sure whether the bezels will feature an edge on the MacBook Pro, but this may happen when the bezels’ thinness increases. A notch may appear more noticeable in a darker shade; Apple could not even add one in.


Apple has been impressed by the 1.3GHz MacBook Air since the beginning, but then blew it out with the M1 laptop Air in November 2019. But November 2020 has come more than a month and the focus now has moved on the MacBook Air. Apple plans to launch a brand-new MacBook Air with a colourful revamp to follow. It is likely that it will take us another long time to launch it. Earlier today, the tech giant announced that Apple has a new thin-and-lighter MacBook Air, based off of a previous Apple laptop.


The MacBook Pro is expected not to include an SD Card slot or HDMI slot and these will only work on the MacBook Pro if these are not used separately.

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