Main Downsides of Being a Software Developer and Ways How to Deal with it


The job of a software engineer is one of the most popular nowadays both on the market and among young people. It offers flexibility, room for development, a wide range of career possibilities as well as personal growth. The possibility of building a career as software developer is the reason why school graduates choose the IT direction at the universities. However, there are always two sides to the medal – the job of software engineer also has many drawbacks and challenges to cope with.

Challenges of being a software developer 

There are some challenges and downsides of being a software developer, which cannot be overlooked. People involved in software development daily face difficulties that cannot be ignored, since these difficulties may affect the quality of work as well as health conditions.

Talking about the downsides of being a web developer, experts distinguish the next points:

  • The necessity to keep up with the latest trends and emerging technologies. The job of a developer requires lifelong learning. The IT world is very dynamic and new technologies, languages, and frameworks are emerging with the growth of technology. To be a demanded developer, one needs to keep the thumb on a pulse and continue mastering the new tools and following the latest trends.
  • You need to be ready to fail. As in every career, you need to fail to reach success. Sometimes the method of trial and error works here, however, be ready to accept the mistakes and move forward.
  • Feeling of isolation. High pressure at work, heavy loads, the variety of processes and tasks to deal with may take all time, leaving no space for family, social connections.
  • Competitive environment. The environment in the software industry is quite competitive. More and more people change their occupations becoming web developers. The better job you have, the more people will be eager to take your place.
  • Passive lifestyle. Most of the time you spend in front of the monitor, with no walks, fresh air, active spending of time. It may result in serious problems with your back as well as overall 
  • Promotion gets harder. It becomes more difficult to move up the career ladder since the demands are serious.
  • Stressful mode. A software engineer has to be flexible, stress-resistant, and ready to work in a tense atmosphere, since the projects may be complex. Moreover, the job demands dealing with complex issues, solving challenging tasks, looking for unique solutions. 
  • Heavy loads and extra hours. Strict deadlines and heavy loads are, unfortunately, indispensable parts of the developer’s life. One needs to be ready to sometimes sacrifice the weekends and holidays to keep up with the timeline.
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How to deal with the challenges of being a web developer

Challenges exist to be accepted and if choosing the right strategy they are easy to overcome. The job of a software developer in Ukraine is dynamic, rewarding, and prospective, thus it is worth accepting these challenges and starting or continuing mastering the profession. Here are some practical tips helping to deal with the downsides of being a software engineer.

  • Analyze the tasks and try to split them through the working week. Set small deadlines and try to cope with them. Avoid gathering many unfinished tasks, since it increases the level of stress.
  • Learn to combine the working hours and time for the rest. The job of a software developer is flexible enough allowing developers to work from any spot at any time. However, this flexibility may vary.
  • The constant demand for the refreshment of technical knowledge and skills demands dedication of time and effort. However, you can find the right motivation and focus on the pros you will get after requiring the new qualification.
  • Try to dedicate time to exercising. It will both increase your efficiency and enable you to keep a good fit.
  • The competitive and tense environment will exist at every job, which presupposes room for development and growth. However, if you are ready to conquer new heights, make sure to dedicate yourself fully and do your best. The efforts will always pay off, no matter how hard it is to get a promotion.


  • The good organization of internal processes allows software developers the show the highest efficiency and finish projects successfully.
  • Attention to every member of the developers’ team allows companies to create the best working conditions allowing every developer to show one’s potential to the fullest. 
  • Well-tuned processes allow specialists to meet tight deadlines and cope with complex tasks successfully. 
  • Efficient internal communication enables software developers to find common solutions. 
  • If the employer provides financial support in learning courses and finances for professional upgrading, software engineers can stay tuned and keep up with the latest tech trends.
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To sum up

The job of the software engineer, like any other occupation, has its pros and cons. The downsides may seem considerable, however, when you get support from your team and have a strong desire to succeed all challenges will seem possible to overcome. The GBKSOFT team has proved in practice that all you need to do is discipline yourself and adapt to the specificities of the job and enjoy the advantages of the occupation!


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