Maritime Accident? 4 Questions to Ask an Injury Attorney


Maritime workers face potentially life-threatening situations each day. While you engage in years of training and may have hands-on experience, it doesn’t mean an injury will never occur.

If you are involved in a maritime accident, hiring an injury attorney is a smart move. However, not all attorneys are created equal.

Because of this, it’s up to you to find the right legal representation for your needs. Keep reading to learn what to ask a maritime attorney before hiring them.

1. What Qualifications Does the Attorney Have in Maritime Law?

Hiring jones act lawyers may seem simple, but there are some factors you must consider. One of these is their abilities and experience in the field.

The goal of hiring an attorney after an injury at sea is to recover fair compensation. It is important to find reputable, experienced, and trustworthy maritime attorneys for your case.

Take time to find out about past cases and successes they have had with similar situations. This will let you know if you have found a maritime lawyer that can handle your case.

2. Do They Have Relationships with Expert Witnesses?

If a maritime injury attorney has experience with these claims, they should have resources that will work for you. Successful and established law firms have relationships with expert witnesses for every practice area they handle.

When dealing with a maritime injury case, it is important to find an attorney who has prior relationships with medical and maritime experts.

A skilled, expert witness will help provide valuable insight into your situation. If the attorney doesn’t have these relationships, it may reduce your likelihood of success.

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3.How Many Maritime Cases Have Been Taken to Trial by the Lawyer or Firm?

This is a question that will help you further determine an attorney’s experience level. It is also going to give you insight into the style of the attorney.

If they don’t ever take cases to trial, it may be wise to find someone else. That’s because this attorney may want to spend minimal time and put little effort into your case.

If this happens, it may have a serious impact on the compensation you can recover.

4. What Does the Maritime Attorney Charge for Legal Representation?

Since maritime injuries can result in several weeks off the job and problems with income, this is one of the most important questions you need to ask. Some attorneys offer contingent fee arrangements.

With this arrangement, you don’t have to pay unless you successfully recover compensation. Others will charge upfront and may charge for the consultation.

Now You Know How to Hire a Maritime Injury Attorney

If you need to hire a maritime injury attorney, the tips and information here should provide you with information and insight. These tips will also help ensure you find the right person for the job.

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