7 Mistakes That Slow Down Post-Surgical Recovery

various treatments and healthcare with Digital Health card
various treatments and healthcare with Digital Health card

If your surgery is scheduled or you have gone through a similar experience, one thing you are curious about is how you can recover after a surgical procedure. Understandably, you want to resume your work, do your routine activities or return to your fitness routine but post-surgical recovery is no joke.

Why is post-surgical recovery important?

Many people are curious to know about post-surgery recovery and are looking for ways that can boost their surgical recovery process even before they head to the operation theatre. It is surprising to see how conveniently people overlook the instructions given by their surgeons.

Once my uncle who was going to have surgery for the removal of an abdominal tumour went to the best surgeons in Lahorefor consultation. Only after a few days of surgery, he resumed his work which resulted in worsening of his wounds and it took him a year to fully recover.

What are the mistakes that could slow down your recovery after surgery?

Ignoring the do’s and don’ts of surgery can result in severe consequences. Here are common mistakes people do that slow down their healing after surgery. Some of these habits include;

1- Resuming your work too soon

It’s completely understandable that you are a workaholic but doing too much work and too soon could slow down your healing. Doing too much work while risking your health could be even more damaging for your health. No matter how badly you want to resume your work and want to be at the office, doing it too soon cannot slow down your healing but also increase the complications.

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2- Too less and too much physical activity

Depending upon the surgical procedure, your surgeon can ask you to either limit or perform physical activity. This extent of physical activity is carefully calculated depending upon how much your body can take and bear it. Changing the level of physical activity according to your convenience can be very harmful to your health.

Too much physical activity can hinder your wound healing or even can reopen them, while too little physical activity can result in blood clot formation and have other detrimental effects on your body.

3- Poor nutrition

The food you eat affects your post-surgical recovery with a greater magnitude. Eating nutritionally inadequate food can deprive your body of essential nutrients and these deficiencies can imprint for a lifetime. In contrast, switching to an unhealthy or junk diet can be damaging your metabolism, affecting your health in the long term. There is a dire need to understand the nutritional requirements of your body depending upon the surgical procedure it has gone through.

4- Not taking your medicines properly

Many people give up on their medications after surgery thinking that they don’t need it anymore because their pain is relieved or else they are facing side effects due to the medications. In such a case, it is recommended to not give up on medications rather discuss it with your physician so he could prescribe a less potent or an alternate medication with minimal side effects.

5- Skipping the physical therapy

Many patients need physical therapy following a surgical procedure. However, many patients skip their physical therapy and try to minimize its span as much as possible, said the physical therapy expert at a renowned rehabilitation centre named willing ways Lahore.

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6- Not doing your breathing exercises

Depending upon the nature of the surgical procedure, your physician could tell you to exercise to boost up your recovery process. Breathing exercises help your lungs to recover from the anaesthesia administered during the surgery. Other than this, it can help to remove the mucus accumulating in your lungs. Quitting your breathing exercises on your own can also slow down your surgical recovery. Therefore, it is important to talk to your physician first before giving up on the breathing exercise on your own.

7- Assuming that you are better

Many people assume on their own that they have got a lot better. It is not necessarily true that if physical signs and symptoms have got better, your organs are better too. It is your physician who could tell you that either you are better or not. So, before deciding on your own that you are doing better, it is advisable to visit your doctor first.

Bottom Line!

 Surgeries are painful and no one likes to bear with them. Surgeries, as well as post-surgical recovery, is completely dependent upon how well you are dealing with things. Therefore, before taking your health decisions on your own, it is advisable to visit your physician first. 


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