What’s the most popular Christmas cookie? The Virginia Star combed through several lists of cookies to get an idea of which were listed the most often. Many of the most popular cookies allow a lot of variation — bakers like to put their own creative spin on their cookies. Here’s our list:

Sugar Cookies

These cookies are the canvas of the baking world — varieties include melted snowmen, sandwiches, even Hanukkah cookies. If you’re listing holiday cookies, these have to be on the list.

Gingerbread Men

Much like sugar cookies, these spicy desserts fire bakers’ imaginations, or at least their cookie cutters, and feature a variety of shapes.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This perennial favorite isn’t a holiday cookie in itself, but variants of this cookie show up on almost every list.

Peanut Butter Blossoms

In 2018, outrage over broken tips on Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses showed the world that Americans take their peanut butter blossoms seriously. Don’t mess with this classic.

Crinkle Cookies

Chocolate, cinnamon, lemon, molasses — these craggy cookies dusted in confectioner’s sugar are more defined by shape than flavor.

Spritz Cookies

With a variety of colors, shapes and toppings to choose from, these cookies are ubiquitous at Christmas potlucks.

Chocolate Balls

Some are just covered in chocolate, others have a core of crushed Oreos. Crushed candy canes are a popular topping. Whether you call these balls or truffles, these are a popular holiday choice!

Other Popular Cookies

There are so many more holiday cookies, including shortbread cookies, thumbprints, sand tarts, Russian tea cakes, and snickerdoodles. Many holiday cookies include common ingredients like mint, almond, ginger, coconut, meringue, and eggnog.

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Oddly, only a few lists mention fudge, although it is extremely popular, according to the Betty Crocker website. Where’s the love, content writers?

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