Muscle Growth 101: How To Naturally Enhance Your Muscles


Yes, muscles make you look good. But muscle-building goes beyond the looks. Maintaining muscles is a critical aspect of maintaining good health and longevity.

Perhaps, you have tried everything you know, from dieting to exercising to gain muscles, but nothing seems to work for you.

This comprehensive guide will take you through everything you need to know for fast muscle growth.

Why Should You Build Muscles?

Muscles support your body and mind in numerous ways, which include and not limited to;

Blood Sugar Management

You read that right. Muscles play a critical role in managing blood sugar. One of the causes of high blood sugar levels is poor dieting. High-carb diets plus unhealthy lifestyles have highly contributed to the increasing number of individuals with obesity and diabetes.

To avoid being at risk of diabetes, you could either go the keto way, where you completely eliminate carbs from your diet. Or you could eat them moderately to help with muscle building.

The more muscles you build, the more space you have for glucose storage. Therefore, you will not be at risk of excessive glucose levels in your blood.

Muscles Strengthen Your Joints

The reason you shy away from workouts is probably due to joint pain. You cannot engage in any intense activities because you feel that your joints are not strong enough to take the extra weight.

Muscle building is the secret to eliminating this problem. By weight training, your joints will eventually get used to the excess pressure, and you will be better positioned to engage in high-intensity activities.

Besides strengthening joints, when you build muscles, you build your bones as well. Physical tension during muscle building stimulates bone density. When you work out, your body uses amino acids for muscle repair and uses the stimulated calcium, vitamins, and magnesium for bone building.

Improving Your Emotional Health

Muscle building changes your emotional state for the better. Muscles boost your self-confidence, which is all you need to eliminate stress and sadness. The way you look greatly determines how you feel. The physical transformation will make you feel good among your peers.

In return, you will be more productive in other areas of life. You become mentally tough for anything that comes your way because, in your mind, you feel like anything is achievable.

Burn Calories

So many individuals struggle with weight loss as a result of excessive fat buildup. Muscle building takes intense workouts plus a healthy diet. As you build muscles, the fat levels drop. Moreover, the workouts boost your metabolic rate, which helps you burn fat faster.

Muscle Growth Tips

Muscle building is the main reason why people flock to the gym. And while workouts and training play a vital role in muscle building, it is not everything you need. It would help if you had multiple variables aligned in terms of your training and diet.

Check out these tips on how to build muscle.

Stick to Muscle Building Diet

You have probably come across hundreds of muscle-building diet plans on the internet. Some are influenced by celebrities, while some are self-made diets by workout gurus. You feel confused and don’t know which one among them to settle for.

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The key to a proper muscle-building diet is protein. You may snack as much as you want, drink lots of water, but if your diet lacks protein, you will spend all the time at the gym without seeing any results. Protein is the macronutrient for muscles, followed by carbohydrates and fats as the micronutrients.

Which Protein-Rich Meals Should You Take?

Meat is the most recommended food for protein. Three ounces of meat contain an average of 22 grams of protein, which is pretty much what you need for building muscles. White meat such as pork, chicken, and turkey offers more protein than red meat.

More protein sources include nuts, beans, and dairy products, to mention a few. It is up to you to choose one that works for you, keeping in mind that people react to the products differently.

What’s the Right Amount of Protein for Building Muscles?

Before indulging in protein intake for muscle growth, you should understand that too much of it might do more harm than good.

For starters, gauge your current protein intake. This will help you determine where you are and how much protein you should add to your diet.

Again, everyone is different. A protein amount that works well for someone else might not work well for you. The ideal amount will depend on your weight, muscle growth goals, and body tolerance to protein.

The recommended amount is one gram of protein for one pound of weight gain. So, if you want to gain 200 pounds, you should incorporate 200 grams of protein.

That may sound like a lot, but luckily, you do not necessarily have to eat foods rich in proteins to enjoy the benefits. You have access to a range of protein supplements for convenience and maximum benefits.

You should also add on calorie intake for weight gain. As you workout, your body will be burning lots of calories which makes it hard to increase muscle mass.

Therefore, you should eat more calories than you burn. You can check out online tips on how to increase your calorie intake without excessive weight gain.

Nonetheless, if your goal is to build muscles without gaining weight, perhaps to gain six-packs and abs, you should incorporate carbohydrate deficit. This will help you lose more fat, and in return, your abs will show after a few exercise sessions.

Incorporate Sarms

Wondering how to gain muscle mass fast? It would help if you incorporated Sarms in your workout and diet routine. The products are designed to facilitate muscle building, burning fast, and increasing bone density.

The best part about Sarms is that, unlike steroids, the product features minimum side effects. They are supplements that target the skeletal muscles. Sarms can connect to the androgen receptors selectively. You can trust that the product will give your desired results.

You, therefore, do not have to worry about getting backlash from untargeted body organs. However, you should note that the supplement is only meant to complement your workout and diet. You cannot use Sarm and expect to see results without putting in further effort.

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Moreover, you must use the product properly for the best results. Overdosing on Sarm will not in any way speed up your muscle gain process.

The good news is that you can order your supplement online, thus no need to move from one store to the other to search for the best Sam. Search for sarms for sale on your smart device. Check the product description under each of the Sarms and order one that meets your precise needs.

You will have a range of options from different brands. Do background research on the reliability of the product for muscle growth before making a purchase.

Check the component to ensure that the ingredients work for you. Most importantly, ensure that the Sarms are well-tested for safety and quality.

Taking your supplements properly increases your ability to train harder, which is critical for muscle growth. The supplement will also make up for the needed protein and carbohydrates to feel full longer.

What Workouts Should You Incorporate for Muscle Gain?

Nearly all types of strength training workouts can help in muscle growth. Nonetheless, it would help if you mainly focused on time under tension or training volume instead of focusing on the weight you are lifting.

The goal is to stress your muscles for a long period to maximize the effectiveness of hypertrophy training. Therefore, you can use lightweight, bodyweight, or heavyweight and still get great results. It all depends on how fit you are.

It would be best for you to start with light weights as you build a foundation and identify the workout plan that works best for you.

Here are some tips for muscle-building workouts.

Build a Workout Foundation

For natural muscle building, you should be willing to apply the virtue of patience. You cannot go to the gym today and expect to see results in a week.

You should take things slow until you know what you are doing. Even the most advanced weight lifters started with the basics before they got where they are today.

Moreover, building a foundation will save you from injuries and pain resulting from incorrect weight lifting techniques.

Take your time to master all the fundamentals of core movements. Ensure you can perform each correctly before moving to heavier weights.

Focus on Resistance Training

Resistance training is the key to building lean mass. Pack up your exercise with different compound or multi-joint moves such as lunges, squats, bench press, and push-ups.

The goal is to create a strong base, which is only achievable through multi-joint moves. Moreover, these exercises promote testosterone production, a hormone that plays a huge role in muscle building.

Don’t Ignore Slow Twitch

It is easy to assume that you need to lift heavy to stimulate the growth of muscles. That is not any further from the truth. Heavy workouts such as sprinting only target the type-2 Fibre muscles, leaving type-1 behind.

You need these muscles for endurance, and you should focus on exercises that touch them too. You can do so with high-prep and lightweight workouts.

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Challenge Yourself

As a beginner, you should start slow with lightweight and increase gradually as your body gets used to lifting.

However, staying in your comfort zone for too long will not do your body any good. You should challenge your muscles if you want to trigger growth. Once in a while, try the heaviest lift but be smart about it. Don’t increase the weight too quickly, as you may trigger injuries.

On the other hand, doing it too slowly will shortchange the results. The bottom line is to track your lifting progress and reach for heavier weights after every few sessions.

More Muscle Gain Tips

Besides supplementing, exercising, and observing your diet, there are also lifestyle tips for muscle growth. Let’s look at a few of them.

Get Enough Sleep

Gains are made when sleeping. You could maximize on carbs, hit the gym, but if you are not getting enough sleep, the chances of gaining lean mass are minimal.

You need enough rest to create room for muscle building, repair, and recovery after straining during a workout. Failure to recover fully will derail your muscle-building effort or result in illness from the sustained injuries.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water cures everything, including injured muscles. Taking plenty of water is the key to staying rejuvenated and speeding up muscle repair so that you can be ready for the next, more intense muscle-building session sooner.

Cardio training with adequate hydration stimulates energy while increasing endurance. Reports also show that dehydrated muscle builders are likely to experience a spike in stress hormones and reduced levels of testosterone production, which block them from attaining fitness goals.

Set Reasonable Goals

Easier said than done; you should set doable goals. Everyone wants to feel good, but few are willing to put in the time, energy, and effort to achieve that. Muscles are not gained overnight, so you must be willing to practice patience as you monitor your progress.

The urge to gain muscles fast is the reason some individuals end up indulging in risky habits. Some lift more weights than their bodies can take, while others opt for steroids that become a threat to their health.

Don’t feel bad if you are not gaining muscle mass as fast as you hoped. Those well-built muscles you see on fitness magazines took hundreds of hours and effort to get there.

Look Good, Feel Good and Boost Your Health with Safe Muscle Building

With the above muscle growth guide, you can finally go after your body goals while maintaining good health.

If you are a beginner, don’t get overambitious to avoid stressing and injuring your body. Buying steroids for sale surely gives you the perks in bodybuilding but remember not to strain yourself too much. If you have been into muscle growth for some time but haven’t seen results, this guide will help you identify what you have been doing wrong.

For more helpful tips and guides, keep refreshing our site for updates.


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