New England Riptide – History Of The Franchise

New England Riptide – History Of The Franchise

New England Riptide Has Been Also a Part of Nationwide Pro Fast Pitch in 2004 to 2009. Considering that in 2009 the crew is no longer in the role.


The 2004 period has been their earliest in NPF. It ended up together with Riptide profitable twenty-five games and shedding 3-5 through this entire year’s plan. This listing has been sufficient to fasten them fourth-place at the regular season. They reached the tournament match at the postseason but finally missing to NY/NJ Juggernaut.


Inside their next time, New England Riptide increased to twenty-five wins, 2 3 losses album. Forest stopped the summer growing season with an 8-2 album after all 1.09 at 7 7 pitched innings. Henderson has been rip tides’ top pitcher using 125 innings pitched to get the ERA of 1.96 along with a hundred and fifty strikeouts. Wilkerson also full of hurling throughout 2005, as well as become Riptide’s attacking pioneer.


Throughout 2006, the staff played with just 41 matches, finishing annually using 24-17 recordings. Jocelyn Foster again headed the pitching team. With 15 wins for her title, she approached the team and the league inside this section. Posted 1.29 period, also 107 strikeouts at one hundred thirty innings pitched. Even the New England Riptide crime was well balanced in 2006 with a handful of prominent players like famous brands Lyndsey Angus, Lindy Winkler, also Tarrah Beyster.

NPF Championship

New England Riptide acquired his first NPF Championship after beating Connecticut Brakettes using a 2-0 score. She was able to hit seven and out-stranding seven resistance players through these matches.

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The Riptide’s final 2007 season from the following position soon immediately following 26-18 documents. Their ace in that season has been Eileen Canney of hurling employees afterward, finishing this summer growing season using 96 forms. During the 2007 season, Canney’d 1.16 period and 137 strikeouts. In the types, she headed the league. The remainder of the hurling staff Contained Erica Seashore Front, Jocelyn Forest, also Danielle Henderson. Their crime was directed by Scott Shanel, who’d 324 batting average, 3 4 stolen bases, 26 walks, also 3-5 conducts. These amounts do not look overly striking as the entire crime was well balanced together, with eight people averaging .250.


New England Riptide stopped the 2008 period in the 4th spot with 22-26 documents. Eileen Canney was again the top player having a 2.29 earned run average and 1-3 wins. Throughout an identical season, she had 150.1 innings pitched, also 18 finish matches. Around the other side of this globe, Riptides were headed by Jackie Pasquerella and Jess Merchant. Pasquerella directed the newest England staff in ordinary (.354) and strikes (4 5 ) for its entire year.

2009 – End of the ride

After the 2008 period, the staff called New England Riptide captured to exist. The reason why franchise cessation has been that the deficiency of capital helps keep the crew functioning without cash due to patrons’ absence of attention.

You will find discussions. Also, buff expects that the crew will be revived for the 2011 season. However, those strategies did not emphasize. The same narrative appeared in 2012; however, capital deficiency has been the most crucial dilemma and continues to be one for the afternoon.

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