Nikolija Jovanovic Gave Birth To Rea – New Images With Relja Popovic

Nikolija Jovanovic has left that maternity shield today, accompanied by his wife or husband, Relja Popovic. Today, he has come today around 1-1’m together with his friends and many talent strategies for Nikolija. The moment they finished the paperwork, then they will have left a health club centre.

The grinning pair can barely impair their pleasure. We also saw Nikolija possing that a very elongated grey dress. Relja was carrying their baby-girl Rea; additionally, many coworkers wanted to come across the shot of the after they switched.

The Frist miracle in Blic/Alo reporter was supposed to acquire Nikolija; she asked her does she is the atmosphere. The obvious solution was short, nevertheless reasonable: “better” ” The 2 nd issue was approximately Vesna Zmijanac. Also, she’d not go back. Additionally, Nikolija said: “somebody required to check after-lunch” Subsequently reported challenged Relja to comment relating to this wasn’t there using his husband or wife through the duration of the department. Relja mentioned: “Delightful, delightful. These are the perfect moments in life”.

Both of these supported the Relja came once because he left a healthcare facility, his first very good closure buddies ripped his shirt.

Grandmother Vesna did create a bid to pay just how excited she’s was renowned the same night. The singer also comprised: “I held her entire instant. She is the exact delightful younger woman” Obviously complete that the household has been very happy with most of the current debut of the most recent.

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