Old School RuneScape: 6 Pro Tips for Leveling Sentence


Got OSRS gold for leveling up your skill? Today we’re going to talk about leveling up your prayer skill. Leveling up your prayer skill is crucial in Old School Runescape, and this guide will detail the most important methods and tips for doing just that.

Prayer is hands down one of the most challenging skills for free-to-play players to level up in Old School RuneScape. The effects offered by prayers can increase attack damage, fend off incoming attack forms, and provide buffs for many in-game stats. Defeating stronger enemies becomes astronomically more difficult without great prayer skill, so the benefit of leveling it up should be very obvious on that merit alone.

A record number of fans are still playing Old School RuneScape today and it’s easier to play than ever. Whether players are trying it out for a while or coming back after many years, everyone should know how to improve their prayer skill. Doing so incorrectly can result in extremely high costs when it comes to time and currency, so it is crucial that players are more than familiar with the best ways to approach this training task.

The best missions

It is vital to choose the best missions to train, especially if you are a free-to-play player. The Restless Ghost Quest provides 1,125 experiences without having to train prayer in any way. That’s an instant boost from level 1 to level 9 in prayer with just one mission, making this a total no-brainer!

For pay-per-play players, the level gain without training becomes even more impressive. The Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Recruitment Drive, and Holy Grail provide a whopping 14,531 prayer experiences – enough to get you from level 1 to level 30 without any prayer training! The amount of money and bone savings these missions can provide should not be ignored.

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The Court of Bones

Having enough bones to train is vital to gaining experience in prayer, so what better place to gather some than The Bone Yard? The Bone Yard is located in the desert north of Varrock. There are several bone drops here that don’t even require combat, including some rare medium bone drops. However, players with strong combat skills should probably try removing some of the skeletons contained in The Bone Yard. Once a player has enough bones, he can safely escape and go bury his bones to train prayer in peace.

Bone buffets

Even super fans can miss out on this method as it is so simple that it is easily overlooked. There are several areas in the game where other players train by killing various enemies or creatures where there are many drops of bones. Not all players will want the bones, so players who need them can pick them up for themselves. For low-level players, any venue with chicken pens and cow fields is perfect for this. The Lumbridge swamp and the goblins near the gates of Al Kharid are also good places to visit. High-level players should visit the Varrock Sewer, Crandor, Edgeville Dungeon, Corsair Cove Dungeon, and the Asgarian Ice Dungeon.

The Altar of Chaos

Bones can be quite expensive, so what if there was a way that they weren’t even used when training prayer? The Temple of Chaos not only offers the same experience as any golden altar, but it also offers a 50% chance that the bones used for prayer will not be consumed afterwards. Players using this method may want to invest in a strong defensive team, as the quickest route to the temple goes through a lot of players, players who might be willing to kill you to gain some experience for themselves. Losing experience and valuable time ruins long training sessions, so only the boldest players go to the temple with next to nothing but a full inventory of bones.

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Power burial 

It’s worth noting that this method is only worth it if players have no intention of going beyond a free account. It is very expensive in terms of coins and it is also incredibly click-intensive. Players should also make sure to avoid getting scammed so this training method is not even more prohibitive. Power Burying requires players to purchase large amounts of bones from The Grand Exchange and simply bury them en masse. With small bones this can deliver 13,050 experiences per hour, and with large bones 43,500 experiences per hour. Of course, an average cost of 194,068,247 and 243,309,360 coins respectively for 99 of those bones makes this difficult to handle.

Ensouled Head and The Dark Altar in Old School Runescape 

Killing resurrected creatures in Ensouled Heads’ The Dark Altar can lead to solid gains in the prayer experience. The more rare and powerful the head, the more experience of prayer it offers after death. Players will need at least 60% of House Arceuus favor to use this method, but it can be worth it.

The use of Bloodveld heads can offer players not only a minimum prayer experience of 145,000 per hour, but a large amount of magical experience. If players manage to find ensouled Dragon heads, the numbers can skyrocket. Even as expensive as they can be if purchased from The Grand Exchange, the head cost vs. experience gained usually ends up as a net profit compared to the coin costs for other training methods.

We hope this guide was helpful? Want more points? We recommend these OSRS Nightmare Zone Points.

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