Online Casinos and Crypto Casinos – Why Are They Different?

Online Casinos

Online casinos are now of the iGaming industry. They were the future a few years back, but they won’t come out of fashion. These sites took the industry to another level and made gaming more available to punters all over the world.

Players at these sites can try some of these casino games, go for bonuses and more. These casinos have variants of blackjack, poker, baccarat, as well as lots of slots. The main thing to remember about these sites and their games is to enjoy them responsibly.

Cryptocurrency are slowly taking over the world of entertainment which is why you’ll find them at online casinos as payment methods. But certain sites have decided to go full crypto and they are known as crypto casinos. They are the future of online casinos and they differ from them in several ways. 

Crypto Casinos Offer Better Security

Security is no joke when you’re online. There are lots of hackers looking to get a hold of your data and both online casinos and crypto casinos know this. And they take appropriate measures. SSL encryption is what you’ll find an online casino offers. But crypto casinos take it a step further.

That’s because it’s in the nature of cryptocurrencies to make their users anonymous. A simple username and password are needed to make a transaction happen. When it comes to registering an e-mail address may be needed along with another username and password. 

Regular online casinos will need some personal information when it comes to making an account. Crypto casinos don’t which is why they offer better security than their online counterparts. 

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Crypto Casinos Offer Faster Transactions

Regular online casinos offer a variety of payment methods as players prefer different payment methods. However, some of them take longer to complete a transaction than others. That’s why cryptocurrencies were introduced as payment methods. They don’t take as long to process and can be transferred in a matter of seconds.

So, when you’re in a crypto casino you can expect speedy transactions regardless if you’re making a deposit or a withdrawal. Speed is one of the perks of cryptocurrencies, and there are other perks that make these currencies popular. The speed along with the anonymity makes for strong arguments which is why crypto casinos enjoy an increasing number of players. 

Crypto Casinos Offer Bigger Prizes

Both regular and crypto casinos offer lots of games and these games come with a bunch of prizes. Jackpots, whether they are fixed or progressive, come in fiat money when it comes to delivering them to players. This means that in the end, you’ll get a fixed amount of money transferred to your account.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile which is why their value may increase overnight. This means they might be worth more. For example, you can get a prize of 100 Ethereum coins and if their value rises, you’ll get a bigger prize since they’re worth more in fiat money. But you should know that volatility can work the other way i.e. the value of a crypto coin can decrease.


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