OSRS – Most Valuable F2P Items


There are a whole host of OSRS items that you can flip in OSRS that will help you to make a huge profit. 

There are many different ways for you to earn OSRS gold in Old School Runescape. Whether it is from grinding, flipping items, or even finding a website that has OSRS gold for sale so that you can buy OSRS gold outright, there are several different methods for you to make a fortune within the MMO. 

One way in which you can do so is by finding valuable OSRS items then flipping them, which is what we will be focusing on today.

Top 4 Most Valuable F2P Items

Without further ado, here are some items you should flip in F2P Old School Runescape. 


You will notice that food is a common trading item. In particular, Lobsters and Swordfish are great choices since you can purchase several for every four hours then sell them on for a high profit. For example, if you purchase 15,000 raw Lobsters or Swordfish every four hours, you could make way over 100,000 OSRS gold over that period of time.

If you are going to adapt to this route, then it is strongly recommended that you purchase these Old School Runescape items during the night-time. The reason for this is that they are usually sold by bots who drop off their OSRS items at night ready for the next day. With that in mind, you could choose to flip them during the day, ready to be picked up at night then flip the day after to have a quick profit turnaround. 

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Yew/Maple/Oak/Willow Logs

The profit that you make with logs depends entirely on the logs that you can conjure up and how many you can sell. You can purchase 12,000 Yew logs every four hours, or 15,000 Maple, Willow, and Oak logs in the same time. You can expect a quick turnaround from the likes of Maple and Willow, so you can earn up to 20,000 OSRS GP in no time at all. As for Yew and Oak logs, these can reach the heights of over 100,000 OSRS GP over the selling period. 

Flipping Ore

This method does take a bit more research in that the changing prices are something that can affect the amount of gold that you make. So before going ahead with this technique, be sure to check out the live prices over on the grand exchange first. 

That being said, you can buy 13,000 Coal ore every four hours, with a value of up to 4 OSRS gold per ore. Runite ore is currently 53 OSRS GP, which can be very effective. There is also the choice for flipping Iron and Gold ore too if you wish. 

Runes + OSRS Items

So by now, you will have noticed the pattern in which you are able to buy several thousand of each flappable item over the period of four hours. This is also the case for runes, which are considered to be great Old School Runescape items for you to be flipping. Specifically, we will want to focus on Chaos, Cosmic, Death rune, and Nature runes. With a typical profit of around 4 runes each, you can expect to sell them quickly to make a profit. In just five minutes you could make over 40,000 OSRS GP, or even 160,000 GP in the same time if you are using the process for all of these runes. These are without a doubt some of the best free-to-play items for you to flip in the entire game if you have a free account. 

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You also have rune F2P items to be considered as well. These revolve around the OSRS F2P items that you can collect that have the prefix rune to them. You will see rune armor set the likes of rune scimitars, axes, and swords that can be extremely valuable. Not only is it OSRS weapons that you should be focusing on, but you can also look into gear too. For example, you can make a handsome profit off of the likes of rune med helms, chainbodies, black platebody, and much more. So pretty much anything with an air rune in front of it would be worth your time flipping. 

They are very popular Old School Runescape items to be bought and sold on the grand exchange in both OSRS F2P and member accounts. Each F2P volume item has a profit of at least 100 OSRS GP and up to 400 GP for each OSRS F2P item.

So now you have an idea of what OSRS F2P items that you can flip to make a whole bunch of OSRS gold with your F2P player account. Remember to keep an eye on the values of Old School Runescape items at the grand exchange and you will be turning a huge profit in no time. 

Have you tried these methods of F2P items to flip in OSRS? Let us know in the comments section below!


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