Pros and Cons of Buying a New Website or Starting from Scratch


When looking to start your own website one will always consider the cost implications associated with starting such a website. Costs related to any new website will vary depending on whether you buy an existing website or start one from scratch.

Buying an Existing Website

There may be a number of advantages to buying a new website rather than having one developed from scratch. Some of these advantages may include a website with traffic and possibly also generating a steady income. Say you are offering different types of massage therapy equipment. Buying an existing site that features these keywords could help give you a head start.

Other advantages may include a tested and working system.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that an existing website may often be much more expensive than starting a website from scratch. The current owner of an existing website will always attempt to recover all costs invested into such a website, sell the website based on the current flow of traffic, income and popularity. 

The bottom line, besides the facts mentioned above, is the fact that the current owner will also want to make some additional profit by adding a larger amount on the sale.

One disadvantage of buying websites outright is that you are required to have the capital available. Sellers often need the money in advance and do not accept down payments. So, whether you need to have the cash available or be able to borrow from a financial institution, you need to ensure that you are ready to provide the money when needed. Also, you run into the problem the site may not own all the IP and you need to run a trademark registration Canada search to make sure that everything is ok.

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Developing a Website from Scratch

Developing a website from scratch will mean that you as owner will make use of developers and designers to develop and design a working and attractive system. All aspects will start from the floor up, giving you more control over what you need and what you are about to establish.

Some advantages of developing a system from scratch include the fact that you can design and implement functionalities that you want or need to attract new customers and service existing ones. Some existing websites may have functionalities you will never make use of, however you have to pay the price for them. Your own customised system also allows you for future expansions around your systems’ own framework.

Another advantage of building a system from scratch is that the capital investment required will not be as huge as buying out an existing business. However, you will still need to start the process of marketing your service and driving traffic and ensuring income generation – something already done on existing websites.

When developing your own website, you do not always need to have all the capital available upfront. You can always build your project in phases and complete each phase as and when you have capital available. Making use of freelance developers will always make this opportunity available to you.

Custom developed websites generally offer Internet users new and unique functions, which contribute a lot to the value of an online venture, especially when it comes to selling your venture at some point in time.

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How to Buy Existing Websites

Buying existing websites is not a difficult task. There are a number of online sources and webmaster forums where existing websites are sold. A Google search for buying and selling websites will reveal a large number of online sources where you can search for and negotiate sales with potential sellers.

Another way of buying existing websites is by contacting the website directly and making an offer to the owner. This can be done by making use of the contact information on the website or conducting a WHOIS lookup on the domain name.

WHOIS information generally reveals the ownership information of any domain name.

Having a Website Developed from Scratch

Even if you have no experience in website design, you can still have a website developed for your needs. Often, having a website developed from scratch may not be as expensive as you think, which is perfect if you are self employed and managing your money tightly. 

Now remember to keep the following in mind:

Never make use of the first offer you get in having a website developed for you!

There are thousands of developers and designers around the world. Prices may vary from extremely expensive to very cheap. Your best developers for your project may not always be located in your country!

We recommend that you take the time and conduct some research before choosing a developer. This can be done by visiting freelancer websites and posting your requirements there. You will receive bids from a large number of developers who can complete the project, each offering his or her own fees.

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Another way of finding developers is by looking for webmaster forums on search engines. Join these forums and post your project there as well. There you will have access to thousands of great developers and designers.

As mentioned above, you can have developers work in phases and complete your website over a period of time if you are limited in regards to available capital.


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