Rolled Collars for Dog

Many people think that a personalised collar and leash are only needed to keep a dog from running away. It is especially true for naughty pets. Still, well-chosen ammunition is also an excellent means of controlling a dog. So, you need to choose from the best rolled dog collars and try Waudog glamour reinforced collar.

Types of Collars for Dogs — Which One Is Better?

Currently, there are quite a few types of collars made from tarpaulin, metal, nylon, cotton, and leather. So, it is not an easy task for the inexperienced owner. People who get a four-legged friend for the first time often buy the most beautiful ammunition, customize it with tokens with names and other things, and think that they made the right choice. But in this case, the main criteria are strength, convenience, and practicality, and only then beauty.

There is no sense in talking about highly specialized collars needed to protect the animal from fleas and ticks, correct behavior, or emphasize the pet’s beauty at the exhibition. Your task is to choose the ammunition necessary for a daily walk. Leather rolled dog collars from Waudog are a universal option suitable for dogs of all sizes if you need a dog collar try Waudog glamour reinforced collar.

  • The main thing is to choose the desired width and length of the collar: measure the circumference of your pet’s neck with a centimeter tape and add 5-7 centimeters. It is the correct length.
  • Remember that two fingers of an adult’s hand should fit freely between the neck and the collar. Keep this in mind when buying puppy ammunition. As soon as the round leather dog collar becomes small, buy a new larger one.
  • Also, pay attention to the quality of leather. It should be dense but soft to the touch. Then the collar will not cause discomfort to the pet.
  • If you buy a Waudog rolled leather dog collar for a large dog, please note that it should be pretty wide (2-3 cm) so that it doesn’t tear during a sharp and strong jerk, and the mounting ring is made of welded steel. Thanks to this, even a very strong dog will not be able to break the ammunition.
  • It is not recommended to choose round dog collars with various studs and rhinestones: your dog will not appreciate this beauty. Dirt often gets stuck in metal decor, rust forms, and rivets can fall out altogether and injure you and your pet.
  • Don’t forget about an important custom addition. We are talking about an address token, indicating the dog’s name and address in case of the loss of a dog.
  • Also, you shouldn’t allow your pet to swim in a leather collar or leave the rolled leather dog collar in the sun (the leather can tan and crack). Periodically the Waudog customized collar must be carefully cleaned or lubricated with oil. It is advisable to protect it from scratches.
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Leather is a classic collar material. It has a different cost and appearance depending on the quality. Expensive rolled dog collars are usually beautiful, reliable, and last a long time. Cheap ones often stretch or burst if the dog pulls hard on the leash. 

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