Sending Love From Afar To Your Loved Ones


As life progresses and certain responsibilities begin to pop up, you may be gradually separated from those you hold dear – be it by your job, the pursuit of your life’s ambitions, or your career. This can leave you feeling very distant from your loved ones even when you think about them constantly.

At Seasons Retirement, residents’ family and friends are encouraged to show their care by sending love from afar in the different ways they know how to. This could be by sending beautiful text messages, making phone and video calls, and delivering presents to their doorstep.

If you’re going for the latter, you may encounter some difficulties in settling on a specific gift to give to your older relatives. Not to worry, this page has a compilation of ideas to make your gift selection as easy as possible.

That being said, this article gives a list of different ways to make sending love from afar to your dearest ones more exciting, less stressful, and less boring. Without further ado, let’s take a look at exciting ways to appreciate your loved ones by sending love from afar.

Different Ways To Send Love From Afar To Your Loved Ones

These are different fascinating ways to prove to your loved ones that distance isn’t a barrier to showing love to them.

Send Handwritten Letters

A handwritten letter speaks to your loved ones on a very personal level. It would fill them with warmth to know that you took extra effort to send a handwritten note rather than just mailing text messages.

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They may get a safe box to keep these beautiful letters received from you. With this box, they can easily revisit your notes and feel your love and affection each time they read them.

Make A Compilation Of Their Favourite Videos

To keep your loved ones from getting bored and lonely, you can make a compilation of their favourite videos. These clips will engage them, ensuring they stay happy and in good spirits.

Also, this kind gesture would assure them about your care and how you are willing to do anything to make them feel comfortable, even when you are far away. You can also always add new videos to the compilation – ones that you know they would enjoy watching.

Get Them A Subscription Service

This is a way to constantly remind your loved ones that you love and care for them. Getting them access to a subscription service like Netflix and HBO Max, where they can enjoy the latest movies of their choice, will be well appreciated. Also, you can also sign them up for care packages, spa appointments, and yoga classes.

Surprise Your Loved Ones With Dinner

A surprise dinner of their favourite meal from a quality diner or restaurant around them can never go wrong. An awesome act like this will surely fill their hearts with gratitude and their belly with a sumptuous meal.

You can also leave them speechless by getting them reservations in their favourite restaurant. It might be a nicer surprise if you made reservations for two people. This way, they get to bring a friend along to have a great time.

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Get Creative With Your Loved Ones

With the distance between you and your loved ones, doing things together can be challenging. Thankfully, technology has made things much easier and better in this respect.

With access to the internet and a communication device, you can participate in several activities with your relatives from different parts of the world. Engaging in fun pastimes such as arts and crafts over a video call will do a lot to strengthen the bond between you.

Your dearest ones would surely enjoy the time you spend together and be reminded of your love for them.

Get Them Tickets To Their Favourite Events

If your grandpa and grandma are sports lovers, they probably never miss a football game of their favourite team on TV.

Why don’t you give them a better experience by getting tickets to the next game with the best seats in the stands? This would mean a lot to them – a memory to cherish forever.

Order For Flowers

Take time to get in touch with a florist to deliver flowers to their doorsteps. Ensure you keep up with the order to avoid mix-ups.

Giving flowers as a present might seem too ordinary, but it’s not. The effort that went into the arrangement would not go unnoticed. The refreshing scent of the flowers would be a symbol of your undying love for them.

Make Matching Outfits

There is an excitement that comes with putting on matching outfits with someone you love. Make them feel your love by getting matching outfits for both of you – it could be a hat, a shirt, or a sweater. This way, your loved ones will know that you care and think about them often.

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Since you aren’t in the same place, you can take pictures or make videos of yourself doing fun things in your matching outfit. You can also pick a day to wear it together to make them feel a stronger connection to you and vice versa.

Share Your Favourite Memories With Them

This is one of the simplest ways to express your love to your loved ones. A compilation of your beautiful memories with them would certainly tell that you love and cherish them. This can be done through handwritten letters, videos, pictures, phone calls, and text messages.

The best gift yet would be a surprise visit from you. Imagine how thrilled your older loved one would be to see you after a long time. They would appreciate the time you took out of your schedule just to be with them.


These are interesting and exciting ways to express your love to your loved ones from afar. By taking a cue from these gift ideas when sending a present to your dearest ones, you can be sure distance won’t strain your relationship with them.

Stay connected to your loved ones and use the aforementioned tips to send with love, gifts that they will cherish for a long time.


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