Some misconceptions about using bongs – learn about it to take your smoke experience to the next level!


Just like anything in life, misconception and lies about something can end up skewing your perception of what it really is. However by cleaning up some lies and debunking myths regarding one of the world’s most popular smoking apparatuses you may end up finding a new cannabis consumption method that you love! 

Misconceptions about using bongs are untrue!

Let’s see a few of the most common misconceptions regarding bongs that are untrue – and why they are false! 

Bad for you

One of the biggest misconceptions about using bongs is that they are very bad for you. Bongs are partially considered one of the worst methods for you in terms of overall health since there are many moving parts and you can inhale too much smoke. However, this is not true! Bongs are actually one of the best methods for filtering out unwanted particles and ensuring the vapor and smoke you are inhaling does not contain any excess toxins or debris. Other methods do not have the qualities to get rid of debris within the water. However, the bongs use water infiltration and percolation to ensure that all particles and debris that can be harmful to your lungs and your health are filtered out of the inhalation by using the percolation. 

Hard to use

The second misconception about bongs is that they are hard to use. However this is also untrue – once you figure out how to use a bong for the first time, you just do the same thing every time! It is just like any other smoking method – once you learn how to do it once, you know how to do it forever. 

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For example, with joints, you may have to learn how to use the rolling paper, pack the flower, and light the joint. With the bong, you need to learn how to clean the bong, pack the bowl, and properly use the carb cap to inhale the proper amount of smoke for your hit. This is it! Once you’re done with this process, you are good to go. 

Bongs are very expensive

The next kind of misconception about bonds is that they are all very expensive and will break the bank. However, just like other smoking apparatuses, bongs come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials -a along with different price points! Avoid buying a high expensive bong, cause you can spend under $100 on a bong that will last multiple months or years.

But who can know how much a bong will cost? If you are trying to debunk the myth that all bongs are expensive, you need to check out the various prices of bongs to see which one is best for your needs. Learn more on how to buy an affordable bong.

  • A small and portable bubbler is typically worth between $5 and $20 depending on the quality of the material and the size of the bubbler. If you are a novice smoker that wants an option you can easily use with one hand and bring with you to various places, this is a good choice.
  • A medium-sized bong will typically cost between $20 and $80 – but will keep the price still under $100 and not cost a fortune! 
  • If you do not mind spending more money on big, intricate, and glass bongs, then you can expect to spend between $80 and $300 on this product. 
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All bongs are made of glass

The next misconception is that you need to look inside that all bongs are made of glass. Although this might be the most popular material – and for good reason – there are other types of bongs available. Typically, bongs are made out of glass, silicone, or metal. Glass is usually the most popular option due to its durability, intricate shapes, add-ons with accessories, and long-lasting nature. However, silicone bongs are also popular due to their long-term durability and ease of cleaning. When it comes to metal bongs, these are usually the least popular option, as they can add a metallic flavor to your hits and they lack durability. 

Bad choice for beginners

The next misconception that people typically have about using bongs is that they are bad for beginners. Since beginners typically have a lower tolerance than advanced users, people think that using bongs provides too big of a hit for beginner users. However, if beginners know how to inhale the smoke and only inhale the amount they want, bongs are perfectly safe for novice smokers. By practicing using bongs and using the carb cap, you can figure out the proper pull and the length of hit that works well for you and your smoking preferences.

Percolators are hard to use

The final misconception about bongs is that percolators are hard to use. A percolator, also known as perc, is the chamber of water within the bong that is one of the most important aspects of this smoking mechanism. Without the percolator, the water would be hot, unfiltered, and smokey – causing an unsmooth hit. However, the percolator helps add bubble sand aeration to the water to provide a smooth and cool hit on your throat. 

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Luckily for beginners, percolators are easy to use! All you have to do is choose the right kind for your bong and make sure it is compatible. After that, it will do the endorsement for you! All you have to do is attach the bowl to your downstem and to the perc – and you are good to go! Beginners who are new to using a bong do not have to worry about controlling the percolator or doing anything special. By connecting the percolator with the downstem and the bowl, you have already done all of the “hard” steps. 


Instead of listening to misconceptions and untruths regarding bongs, why not find out for yourself? By debunking some of these myths that are not true about bongs, you can end up finding a new smoking method that works well for your personal preferences! Bongs are actually a good choice for beginners. They are easy to use, and they are healthy for you and your lungs! 


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