Spy X Family: Season 1 – Review

Spy X Family

Spy X Family, thanks to the massive popularity of the manga, was already getting quite a lot of hype when it was confirmed. And, since then, we’ve reached a point when the first season of the anime has premiered already. But, how did we feel about it?

Was the show on-par with the other sitcoms, like Ranma or Gintama? Or, was it just another hyped-up monster that didn’t do enough? Let’s find out.

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The Storyline – A Breath Of Fresh Air.

Since the beginning, almost every comedy show has focused on only one setting – the way we live. And, each of them tried to make fun of it, quite masterfully I dare say.

And, Spy X Family follows the same route as well. It’s also focused on a family trying to do their stuff and get by their daily life without any issue.

However, when you don’t know your “family” properly, trouble will ensue. 

Our protagonist of the series, Twilight, is a Westalis spy working undercover as a psychiatrist named Loid Forger. His mission? To find out what’s going on with a certain Operation Strix.

However, he has to pose as a normal civilian to ensure that no one doubts him. To do that, he ends up adopting an orphan, Anya, who is unnaturally brilliant for her age.

Thereafter, to complete his “lovely” family, he marries Yor Briar, a civil servant with a tinge of loneliness in her life. Pretty cool, right?

No, not at all.

Anya, the child, is a telepath. 

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She is an escapee who successfully flees away from a covert government program that makes psychics. And, on the other hand, Yor is an assassin, known as The Thorn Princess within the Ostanian underworld. A comedy flick with an assassin, a spy, and a psychic.

If that’s not a breath of fresh air, then what is?

The Animation – Does The Job Perfectly.

Make no mistake; this isn’t your Demon Slayer or Kekkai Sensen. Hence, the animation isn’t going to be anything near god-tier or something.

However, it’s done by WIT Studio, so you know what that means. The environment is, truth be told, gorgeous. The movements look sleek as ever. And, the facial attributes look amazing as well. And, the usage of sketch animation is quite a spectacle too.

Yes, there’s no over-the-top or flashy sequence available here, as the fighting isn’t the primary focus of the anime. But, whatever there is, it all looks noteworthy.

Overall, I loved the animation, as it suits the tone of the series perfectly. I don’t think I’ll ever want someone other than WIT to animate it if a second season arrives.

Voice Acting – Cool!

The anime is currently available in both Japanese and English language. However, I’ll talk about only the former option here. 

However, before I get started, it’s my and my opinion only. It’s okay if you don’t agree with it. Just let me know your opinion in the comment section, that’ll be all.

The main character, Loid Forger, was played by the ever-so-dependable Takuya Eguchi. You probably know him as the voice of Kyoji Hino from World’s End Harem or Karou Hanayama from Baki. I have nothing to say about him other than he’s as brilliant as he should’ve been.

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The charm in his voice really depicts his character perfectly, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to voice Loid ever again. Saori Hayami as Yor is brilliant. 

The way she talks in a commanding tone while being the deadly assassin she really is surely noteworthy. And, Atsumi Tanezaki does an excellent job as the voice of Anya as well.

In my opinion, the Japanese voice cast was great as a whole, and I liked them.

The Final Verdict – Should You Watch It?

If you’re into the family sitcom genre, then yes – you should definitely watch the show. And, even if you aren’t a fan of it, you still must check them out nonetheless.

It’s an excellent show with a lot of humor and quite a few action sequences that will keep you on your toes till the end. The animation is great as well, so I don’t have any complaints at all.

Just… just go watch it, you know.

I don’t have anything else to say to be honest!


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