Story And History Of Patek Philippe


The first-ever mechanical watches that have been made were more than hundreds of years ago. Recently, the Patek Philippe had their anniversary celebration, which means the Genevan illustrious watch manufacturer was the third in history. Patek Philippe attempted their watchmaking without any interruption from the inception of the year 1849.

Today, this watch is viewed on the Horlogerie Haute store with the most reputable names and designs by mechanical chronographs. He is the most hardworking person who works in a manufacturing store and dreams about immigrant polish fascination to create a perfect watch. He then endured all the tribulations and trials along the way.

Antoine Norbert De Patek

Patek was born in 1812 and stayed in Poland for many years when he was still small. He then joined the mounted regiment of rifles and battled the Russian war in the uprising in November. In 1831, He received the Military virtue, and it was the military’s highest decoration in Poland for any heroism. He was only 16 years old when he went to war.

A year after that, the Polish uprising was against the forces of Russian and was defeated. Patek was forced together with his group to join the Emigration Great leading to the Western part of Europe. Patek settled and stayed in France with his fellow soldiers and was also forced to transfer to Switzerland for another task.

The city’s watchmaking heritage engrossed him with the enamellers, artistry engravers, and jewelers. Being a refugee, he requested the immigrants’ company to be acquainted with Czapek Francois, the Czech watchmaker. In May 1839, Thomas Moreau and Czapek formed the Patek company. 

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The Ref. 96

During the war in 1934, Stern Charles was appointed as the board of directors and chairman of the company and his son Stern Henry. Stern established the Henri Stern Agency watch during the year 1946 in New York. They serve as the only distributor and importer of the Patek Phillippe watches into different cities and countries, especially the US, because of the demand for their products.

Henri Stern was the newly appointed chairman and the chief executive when Jean Pfister retired in 1958. He then began collecting rare timepieces that were continually manufactured. They also constituted the foundation of the Museum of Patek watches in Geneva. Many people demanded luxurious timepieces with paintings and engravings.

First Quartz Wristwatches

The first quartz watch was more expensive than the mechanical watches. During the 1970s, Phillipe stern assumed full responsibility for the new model of watches that will present that year’s generation. Phillipe envisioned a more casual timepiece that has the elegance of the style of Patek Philippe.

The result of that was the ref 3700 1A Nautilus. It was launched and first introduced in 1976. It is named to be one of the most expensive watches in the world. In 1977 Philippe Stern was the newly appointed Ceo of the Patek watches. He always knew that the classic mechanical look would outshine the quartz watch if it had a high-end design or a collector’s item.

Patek Philippe Caliber 240

The ultrathin watch that was popular in 1997 was the Patek Philippe Caliber 240. It has a winder automatic and has a patented 20k gold that has recessed inside the plate. It has a smooth and perfect movement for the thin watches like the Perpetual Calendar 3940 that was introduced in 1985. He then recruited many engineers to change or transform the Patek design.

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Caliber 89 With 33 Complications

To remember and commemorate the Patek Philippe manufacturer’s anniversary, they developed one of the most complicated and portable watches that was made in the history of the world. The Caliber 89 with 33 complications is a pocket watch that was designed for people who want to keep their watches in their pockets and not on their wrists.

Modern-Day Patek Philippe

The first auction of the Caliber 89 has made the highest record for having a timepiece under a gavel. This watch was sold in France for 4.6 million. It was a limited edition wristwatch for the anniversary of the Jump Ref. 3969 and the Officer Ref 3960. Both of those watches sold out quickly, and they became one of the most favorite watches of people in France.


There are many different designs available in many stores worldwide that have Patek Phillippe watches and other luxury watches. But, Patek Philippe is only limited because this watch is one of the most expensive watches globally. To buy a watch like this, you must be rich so that you can afford a Patek Phillipe watch.


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