Sub Ohm: A Complete Beginner’s Guide


If you’re an avid vape user or are interested in the world of vaping, then you may have heard of sub ohm. It’s the practice of making larger-than-life clouds of smoke with your vape through the use of specialized devices. It’s an impressive vaping trick to learn, that requires only a little know-how and some special equipment.

If you’d like to learn more about sub ohm vaping and how you can create dense and magnificent smoke clouds with over-the-top hits of delicious flavor, this guide can help. Read on to learn more about the art of sub ohm now.

What Is Sub Ohm?

Simply put, sub ohm is a style of vaping that creates bigger clouds of vapor and a more intense flavor hit. The name sub ohm comes from the fact that low resistance coils (sub 1ohm) are paired with high-wattage batteries to produce the smoke and flavor heavy result. An ohm is a unit of electrical resistance, with anything under 1 being recognized as low resistance.

Because of the intensity of the smoke and flavor produced, sub ohm vaping is not generally recommended to those new to vaping. It is a style of vaping people usually work their way up to after getting used to regular vaping for some time.

Equipment Used

The first part of getting to grips with sub ohm vaping is getting to know the devices you’ll need to facilitate it. It is possible to purchase kits designed for sub ohm vaping, this might be the easiest route to go for beginners. However, the only thing you really need is a high wattage device with a 0.15 ohm, 0.3 ohm, or 0.5 ohm coil—essentially anything under 1 ohm.

Today, you can get devices compatible with both sub-ohm coils and MTL coils. MTL means “mouth-to-lung” and refers to the more traditional style of vaping. However, there are also devices specifically suited to sub ohm vaping that you might prefer.

Flavor Considerations

Aside from the big and beautiful clouds of smoke you can produce with sub ohm vaping, you should also consider the strength of the flavors you’ll be tasting. You should try to choose a flavor you are familiar with and know you like at first, to get used to the concentrated nature.

You should also try to find a vape juice that is as smooth as possible, as this will be more palatable for beginners. Something such as dairy king e juice comes in a variety of flavors but is reliably smooth enough to be easy on the palate. Of course, you should choose whichever flavor you are most comfortable with.

Sub Ohm Vaping: A Guide for Beginners

Sub ohm vaping can be very enjoyable, however, it’s somethi


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