When it comes to cryptocurrency, investors and enthusiasts get excited about products that yield excellent profits. The sector has been expanding at a fast pace, and ecosystems like Terra have developed excellent products. Airdrop is the current pie everyone wants to enjoy on this platform.

Airdrops are the tokens people earn for completing various projects on the Terra blockchain. But in the traditional crypto setup, these are tokens earned by assisting with the random sending of coins to different addresses to increase awareness about the particular cryptocurrency.

Terra Airdrop is, however, slightly different in that it has gone to a new level. Participants will now get genesis airdrops and numerous rewards in the coming weeks for staking $LUNA.  According to experts, Terra Airdrop will definitely grow with the increase in Terra projects.

Types of Terra Airdrop

·       Genesis airdrops – If you have used cryptocurrency services before, you probably know something about welcome bonuses. In the Terra ecosystem, genesis airdrops are welcome gifts for $LUNA stakers. In other protocols, the plan could differ.

·       Weekly airdrops – Terra platforms prefer to pay their stakers every week. So, the Terra Airdrops you will be receiving on a regular basis will be available for withdrawal after every week. For you to get more at the end of the week, you have to engage in numerous projects within that period.

How to Register for Terra Airdrop

TerraDrop has partnered with Loop Finance to offer enthusiasts a seamless experience. Hence, you can register for the program either on the Loop Finance website, TerraDrop, or any other they have partnered with to get started.

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Staking $LUNA provides an excellent way to earn passive income on any of these platforms. So, sign up now to access the numerous projects they have and get paid in return. As mentioned, you will get a genesis airdrop and thereafter start earning weekly airdrops.

Is TerraDrop the Best Platform?

Definitely, yes. This should be your go-to platform to access all available Terra Airdrops. They combine smart contracts that are available so that you can access them under one roof. The other good thing is that the platform has already automated the claiming process, so the $LUNA stakers and investors will have a very easy time.

Additionally, the security is top-notch to ensure that investors and stakers do not lose their investment and effort during the Terra Airdrop process. Instead of storing your funds, they have synchronized with the smart contract protocols, which use bank-level security and encryption. Hence, there is no need to be concerned about your fund’s security.

Lastly, claiming your genesis and weekly airdrops is easy. You must claim each individually to avoid security issues with the system. The process involves connecting your Terra Station Chrome wallet to see the claim button. If you are not sure, there are numerous Terra Airdrop communities on the web such as those on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. The community members are always willing to help their peers.


Staking $LUNA for Terra Airdrop is an exciting opportunity for all crypto enthusiasts. However, you must be willing to take smart contracts to earn more Terra Airdrops every week. If you are up to the task, visit a relevant website and start the process.

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