Prescription medicines reached a net worth of about $511 billion U.S dollars in the year 2019.

Which of these prescription drugs are garnering the most sales in 2020?

What are the best and reliable pharmaceutical products?

Read on to find the best-selling drugs available now. Guaranteed to learn some incredible fun facts along the way!

Company Sales

Global sales totaled $1228.45 billion in the year 2020. Many companies raced to get their vaccines and medications out on the market as efficiently and effectively as possible. 2020 was definitely a competitive year for pharmaceutical production. 

The world’s top-selling pharmaceutical companies in 2020 were as follows.

  • Johnson & Johnson – $56.1 billion 
  • Pfizer – $51.75 billion
  • Roche – $49.23 billion
  • Novartis – $47.45 billion
  • Merch & Co. – $46.84 billion
  • GlaxoSmithKline – $44.27 billion
  • Sanofi – $40.27 billion
  • AbbVie with $33.26 billion
  • Takeda with $30.52 billion
  • Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding – $26.69 billion

The growth in sales is primarily a result of Covid-19. Though, not for the reason you think!

Covid-19 not only created a higher demand for vaccines but closed commercial activities that encouraged operational innovations. 

For customers with health insurance, the number of sales comes as a surprise. Many receive their prescription medications with no idea how much their medication is actually worth.

Prescription Medicines

These are the largest selling drugs worldwide, but they still fluctuate in sales from year to year.

In 2019 Humira for example, dropped in sales. Yet, Humira bounced back amid Covid-19 lockdowns and renovations to take the number one spot for 2020.

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The 6 best-selling drugs or pharmaceutical products are listed in order, below, for 2020.

Humira: Distributed by AbbVie with a total sale of $20.39 billion. Humira treats several different diseases such as arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

Keytruda: Distributed by Merck & Co with a total sale of $14.38 billion. Keytruda treats diseases such as melanoma and several forms of cancer.

Revlimid: Distributed by Bristol Myers Squibb with a total sale of $12.15 billion. Revlimid treats different forms of lymphoma as well as multiple myeloma and myelodysplastic syndromes. 

Eliquis: Distributed by Bristol Myers Squibb and Pfizer. They have generated $9.17 billion in revenue. Eliquis is great for nonvalvular atrial fibrillation.

Imbruvica: Distributed by AbbVie and Johnson & Johnson. They have generated $8.43 billion in revenue. Imbruvica has been used to treat several different diseases such as chronic lymphocytic leukemia, various forms of lymphoma, and chronic graft vs. host disease.

Eylea: Distributed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Bayer. Eylea generated a total of $8.36 billion in sales and treats multiple diseases. Some of the diseases include diabetic retinopathy and both diabetic and regular macular edema. 

Online Presence

Another factor that boosted pharmaceutical sales is the increasing online access to them. Pandemic innovations have pushed millions of people to turn to online shopping for some of the most advertised drugs. 

A trip to the pharmacy is a health risk in itself because you expose yourself to unmasked citizens and germs. But with sites like, you can have the medication you need be delivered to your door quickly and easily!

Stay Healthy!

Prescription medicines sell by the billions because they help you stay healthy and in extreme cases, alive. The top pharmaceutical companies and their top-selling products are not leaving the shelves anytime soon.

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