Wealthy Affiliate is the largest affiliate marketers community that offers tools and training for its members. T

his post will look at the good and bad of Wealthy Affiliates that you must consider before joining. 

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First, let’s look at the pros:

The Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

1. Training and Tutorials

There are numerous tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate to aid you in learning all about affiliate marketing. There is training on paid marketing techniques and free ways to make money (often called bum marketing). Other WA members also upload their tutorials and videos to help train you on every aspect of making money online. There is more training at WA than at any other site I have joined.

2. Support

There are many platforms where you just get a little guide and are left alone on your own to figure out things. But Wealthy Affiliate is excellent in that you can get guidance and support. The community is fantastic, and many people are willing to answer your problems, and you can even send messages to the owners (Kyle and Carson) of WA if you need further help.

3. Certain Tools

Some tools really come in beneficial. The keyword research tool is easy to use for newcomers. They have invested over $400,000 for its development, and they recently upgraded it to the latest version in 2020. The Clickbank keyword research tool makes it simple to find products in any niche. And the Siterubix, coupled with the free website hosting, makes it very easy to make your first website fast, even if you don’t know anything about building websites.

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4. WA Community

Many people consider this private community as the “WA family.” Members can be amicable and help each other. In the WA Jobs section, I have met members that I work with regularly to make more money, and I have also made buddies with some people in the community I chat with regularly now.

5. Updates

I have joined many sites that only have a little bit of content that is already outdated. But at Wealthy Affiliate, there are always new tutorials to read, they add new tools now and then, and resources are updated. They renovated the whole site at the end of 2020 and called the new and improved version Wealthy Affiliate Platinum.

The Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

1. Too Much Information

There is a lot of content at Wealthy Affiliate in classes, training, Q/As, webinars, and many more. If you are new to internet marketing, it can appear a little tricky to grasp all the information. Some members call this “information overload” since you are suddenly revealed to all kinds of new training. There are many good tutorials, but everything is not always organized and could be (although they recently rebuilt the member’s area to make things a little relaxed). Information overload is the main criticism that newcomers have, but it all makes sense once you get used to the site and start going through the training.

3. Certain Tools

Some tools are excellent, but others aren’t helpful at all. SiteRubix is a tool to help you create a website, but it lacks certain features that modern website builders have. Keyword research is another tool, and it does work well if you are a beginner. But if you are an experienced marketer, you will realize that this is a fairly basic tool that doesn’t work as well as Long Tail Pro. 

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4. Price

It costs $49/month to join Wealthy Affiliate, which seems like a lot of money for most beginners. Existing members will assure you that it is surely worth the price, especially the more experienced marketers who have to spend thousands of dollars on so-called quick scams. But if you are new to internet marketing, this might seem like a high price and complaint that some people bring up. You have to decide if this is right for you or not.

Tips for getting the most out of Wealthy Affiliate

Go through all the training. When you first join, make sure to start the Action Plan and go through all the certifications. Try to stay focused on the main tutorials and not get distracted by the latest, more advanced lessons made by other WA members.

Participate in the discussion forum and ask questions. The tutorials are great, but you might have concerns at some point. Instead of “winging it” or wishing for the best, ask questions and get answers. You have subscribed for personal support option, so you might as well use it.

Take action is a must thing! Again, it takes effort to earn money. Just going through the training won’t earn you money. You have to use your newly gained knowledge and take action. Make sure to get something done every day (keyword research, writing 1000 words, creating a blog, etc.). Don’t just read the tutorials; listen to them and use your skills to get some work done.

Don’t lose focus. It takes time and commitment to succeed, and persistence pays off. Some people join the WA and quit after one month of joining. Follow the training thoroughly, ask your questions, keep implementing, and eventually, you will see results. Check this honest review https://davidbishopmakemoneytips.com/a-honest-wealthy-affiliate-review/

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