The Impact of Covid-19 on the Tennis World


The Covid-19 crisis is affecting everyone, including the whole tennis world, regardless of whether we are discussing men or women tennis. Unpredictably, there were no spectators in the stadium for the U.S. Open 2020 competition, and that was something of a loss for the sports association, as well as for the spectators who could not witness the precious moment.

In May 2020, Laureus Academy Member and tennis legend Boris Becker called on all governing bodies to work together and find a solution to the crisis presently affecting the sport. 

Covid-19 Impact on the Financial Position of the Players

Even though the stars are unlikely to be heavily damaged, several professionals rely on tournaments and cash to cover living expenses, so the domino effect of removing tournaments has had a detrimental impact. Around 800 players deemed vulnerable have already received assistance through the GBP 4.81m Player Relief Programme. The money that is being donated comes from a coalition including the ATP, WTA, ITF and several grand slam tournaments.

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Covid-19 Impact on the Ranking of the Players

A new logic to determine rankings has been established by the ATP which will extend through the entire 2020 season (inclusive of Toronto) based on play from all events between 4 March – 5 August 2019, including those not played in 2020. These results will be further extended and weighted at 50%. These reductions will occur at the originally designated cutoff date for each event and “Best of” scoring will only be applied to the better of a player’s two scores from a single tour-level event.

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For example, a player can either count 50% of his 2019 success in Madrid, or 100% of his 2021 success in Madrid, whichever is greater, for the next 52 weeks.

At this time, rankings are expected to resume on a 52-week basis on 16 August 2021 (Cincinnati). Provided the league makes no further changes, then a traditional ranking, which incorporates only the results of previous 52 weeks, will be used on 15 August 2022.

It is intended to provide players with some measure of security while travel restrictions and strict health and safety measures continue to apply during the months ahead. Half of points earned in 2019, during the suspension period that corresponds to the 2020 suspension, will be retained.

Impact of Covid-19 on the Training and Development of Players

A player’s training was very strongly impacted by the Covid-19 as well as the other factors. To avoid the effect of the virus on their training and development, players are now attempting to practice at home to avoid the bad effects of this virus on them.

This will make it easier to get ready for the next game by practicing in quarantine beforehand.

End Thoughts

The Covid-19 Impacts are there for any tennis athlete, whether it’s their health, wealth, ranking of financial positions, or any number of other factors. We are much happier that vaccines are available now, and we are looking forward to seeing the players on the court and the spectators in the stadium that can actually enjoy the competition.


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